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A feedback kiosk helps you to maximise feedback captured from customers, patients, visitors and employees at the point of experience.
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ViewPoint Pulse

Monitor the pulse of feedback

Our Pulse free standing feedback kiosk offers ultimate flexibility to suit your environment. 

The kiosk is portable and has the option of battery power, making it simple to locate wherever you need to capture feedback.

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ViewPoint Pulse Branded Customer Feedback Kiosks

ViewPoint Pulse Wall Mount

stay connected and make better decisions

In areas where floor space is limited, our Pulse Wall Mount kiosk gives you the perfect solution for capturing feedback from customers.

Often found in restrooms, the Wall Mount feedback kiosk is ideal for short rating surveys completed with just a few quick taps.

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ViewPoint Pulse Counter Top

Manage the moments that matter

Install feedback kiosks on to a counter top to capture feedback in-the-moment; ideal for reception areas, check-in desks and service counters.

The Pulse Counter Top offers your customers a convenient way to leave feedback at the end of their transaction.

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ViewPoint Trend in Office environment

ViewPoint Trend

track the trends to improvement

The Trend is a large and robust feedback kiosk that really stand out in the crowd. Their presence and 15” screen make it ideal for busy, high footfall areas where it is highly effective at gaining attention and increasing feedback response rates.

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ViewPoint Element

Continuous Feedback Continuous Improvement

The Element is our slim yet highly robust, heavier duty feedback kiosk, a perfect balance between durability, visibility and footprint. 

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Multi-Channel options

More than just feedback kiosks...

Kiosks can collect feedback on their own or work with other channels of feedback capture, for instance paper, SMS, telephone or online. 

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Feedback Kiosks

Real time feedback
Our range of feedback kiosks enable you to find out what your customers are thinking and why they are thinking it.
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Easy to install and use
You will be up and running in minutes. No training or special equipment is needed. Simply plug and go. (View video)
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Surveys tailored to meet your needs
We give you the ability to design and tailor surveys that will work for you, engaging your customers and maximising response rates.
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Great user experience
Stylish design and intuitive interface makes the feedback experience fun and engaging.
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Accessibility solutions
...are available to ensure that you give all of your customers a voice
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... provide you with a range of options and deliver great value
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Connectivity Options
Comes with secure 3G and wireless options
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Touchscreen Kiosk Features

Misuse Protection

Our patented Valid8™ algorithms protect the integrity of your feedback data giving you the reassurance that you will be taking action on information that’s trustworthy and reliable.

Live Dashboard

Our smart analytics and live dashboard are included as standard with all of our touchscreen kiosks.

Live Alerts

Our configurable live alerts give you instant notification of issues causing dissatisfaction enabling you to deal with them before they become a major problem.

Sentiment Analysis

Gain great insights from free-text comments without having to read through them all yourself.

Safe and Secure

We are ISO 27,001:2017 certified suppliers. All feedback data is stored and transmitted in encrypted form. Your data is safe with us.

ViewPoint API

Integrate your ViewPoint data into your own reports and dashboards using our ViewPoint API.


Survey designs that are completely aligned with your company brand. Make your kiosk eye-catching by displaying company branding on the stand.

Smart Dashboard Reporting

Included as Standard

Our dashboards are powerful, intuitive and real-time – and they are included as standard with all of our kiosk packages. You can monitor and manage your service performance 24/7, getting the right insights to the right people to drive business decisions.


Our approach

Capture, Analyse, Improve – smart and seamless solutions from feedback capture right through to service improvement. We’re your one stop feedback shop
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3. Improve
How to select the best feedback channel for your project and maximise the value of the feedback you receive.

Customers Love Us

"ViewPoint gives us the ability to gain feedback from all our customers and very quickly review the data. It puts our customers at the heart of the decision making process."
Ben Beevers
Group Customer Services Manager, Everyone Active
"Our work with ViewPoint enables us to really know what our patients and carers think. Beyond the FFT we also gain great insight from patient surveys that are co-designed to provide highly accessible means for patient responses."
Hayley White
Patient Experience Officer with Royal Free and Barnet and Chase

"As responses are collected and analysed in real time, service managers are far better placed to react to feedback quickly."

Michael Marshall
Quality Co-ordinator, University of Exeter
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Real-time feedback is a potent driver of success

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