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How do you know if you’ve met your customers’ expectations unless you ask? How can you be sure to exceed your customers'  expectations in future unless you learn from what they've told you?

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Flexible feedback

Our tablet survey packages offer flexible, effective and affordable solutions for your feedback needs.

You can use them to find out what your customers are thinking and why they are thinking it.

Tablet surveys give an effective way to capture more feedback.

Our Solutions

  • Capture real-time feedback – get more accurate insights by capturing feedback in real-time.

  • Highly Mobile – get more responses by taking your surveys to your audience.

  • Easy to use – simple, intuitive and no training needed.

  • Surveys tailored to meet your needs – design and tailor surveys that will work for you, engaging your customers and maximising response rates.

  • Accessibility solutions – are available to ensure that you give all of your customers a voice.

  • Packages – provide you with a range of options and deliver great value.

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Tablet Survey Features

Misuse Protection

Our patented Valid8™ algorithms protect the integrity of your feedback data giving you the reassurance that you will be taking action on information that’s trustworthy and reliable.

Live Dashboard

Our smart analytics and live dashboard are included as standard with all of our touchscreen kiosks.

Live Alerts

Our configurable live alerts give you instant notification of issues causing dissatisfaction enabling you to deal with them before they become a major problem.

Sentiment Analysis

Gain great insights from free-text comments without having to read through them all yourself.

Safe and Secure

We are ISO 27,001:2013 certified suppliers. Our tablets can be fully locked down. All feedback data is stored and transmitted in encrypted form.

ViewPoint API

Integrate your ViewPoint data into your own reports and dashboards using our ViewPoint API.


Design your survey so it’s completely aligned with your company brand.

Smart Dashboard Reporting

Included as Standard

Our dashboards are powerful, intuitive and real-time – and they are included as standard with all of our tablet packages. 
You can monitor and manage your service performance 24/7, getting the right insights to the right people to drive business decisions.


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Happy, sad & indifferent customer

Our approach

Capture, Analyse, Improve – smart and seamless solutions from feedback capture right through to service improvement. We’re your one stop feedback shop.
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3. Improve
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Customers Love Us

"The customer survey information tells us accurately what our customers and shoppers are thinking. The solution lets us deliver real value to our store owners, giving them instant feedback to help sustain the highest standards of customer service."

Susannah Hart
Communications Manager, Specsavers

"Such low-cost and yet high-value feedback is immensely helpful in getting closer to our customers. Being able to respond to their expectations will help to keep Shoe Zone ahead of our competition."

Naomi Shefford
Marketing, Shoe Zone
"ViewPoint’s solution was quick and easy to install… it’s been invaluable in enabling us to capture, track and report on our customers' opinions, and gain insights that help us improve the student, staff and customer experience."
Mark Potter
Head of Service Delivery, Warwick University
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