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Create beautiful surveys.

Smiley faces, rating scales, Net Promoter Scores and open-ended questions. Find out what survey type will work best for you

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    Often, it starts with a smiley

    Measure happiness with smiley face surveys

    Smiley face surveys increase engagement from customers, employees and patients alike, helping you to improve satisfaction levels and grow loyalty.

    Smiley faces are popular, easy-to-use and universal.

    Smileys are instantly recognised: users simply respond to the survey question by pressing the smiley button that reflects their experience. The exact time of day of every response is captured, which means you can track happiness over time, across all areas of your organisation.

    What follows a smiley face?

    Rich insights can be gained from one or two quick follow-on questions which establish WHY your customers feel the way they do. 

    Well designed surveys using different question types, including rating scales and free text, give respondents the opportunity to tell you exactly what they what you to know.

    What about other images?

    ViewPoint enables the creation of on-brand surveys and feedback forms. Any image with appropriate rights may be imported and used as banners or buttons.

    Our customers enjoy beautiful surveys that their customers love to tap, click and rate.

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    Live alerts

    Live alerts are vital where you want to be able to act immediately as soon as a service issue is flagged.


    Watch Live Alerts Video

    Delegate dissatisfied with toilet facilities
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    Your team alerted to issue
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    Cleaner dispatched to area to resolve the problem

    Other question types

    Smiley face surveys are universally popular but they’re not always best. For example, they don’t work:

    When there’s only one question asked and it's the wrong question.

    For example, I might be 'happy' with the store brand (Walmart, Tesco, etc.) but unhappy that day because there was none of my favourite bread. How will you know what my rating is actually telling you?

    When it's the only question asked but you're interested in deeper knowledge.

    A smiley question will tell you “what” but not “why”. A follow-up question is needed to gain insight.

    Also consider :

    • Ratings scales
    • Likert scales
    • Open-ended questions
    • Net Promoter ® Score (NPS)
    • Matrix questions

    Survey Capability

    • Question and answer piping
    • Skip logic/conditional questions
    • Randomisation
    • Web-export
    • Unlimited survey creation
    • Unlimited survey responses
    • Customisable to support local branding, look and feel
    • Flexible formatting
    • Supports Multimedia (video, images, etc.)
    • Multi-language
    • Multi-platform
    • Multi-channel
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    Customers Love Us

    "Alongside the post-event feedback, the information collected via CRT's ViewPoint solution equips our team with the knowledge to make recommendations to the senior management team at our venues."
    Becky Humphries
    Genting Arena

    "We conducted some research to find out why people leave feedback, and gave options for future feedback systems. Using images, we showed the options available to us. The ViewPoint touchscreen was the overwhelming favourite amongst the staff, students and visitors we asked."

    Max Scales
    Graduate Project Officer for Student Services Directorate, University of Hull
    "The customer survey information tells us accurately what our customers and shoppers are thinking. The solution lets us deliver real value to our store owners, giving them instant feedback to help sustain the highest standards of customer service."
    Susannah Hart
    Communications Manager, Specsavers
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