Survey Design


Create beautiful surveys for your customers or employees with ViewPoint. Stand out from the crowd with on brand engaging surveys with powerful data and reporting

Design questions in the right way

Smiley face feedback survey on a ViewPoint Pulse deviceYour brand and graphics on screen, make it clear that you want your customer's feedback. 

Short snappy questions ensure respondents stay involved. No more long-winded boring surveys, instead make them directly relevant to the customer or employee.

Always think about the touch-point where you will be gaining the feedback. How many seconds will people pause to respond? We provide solutions that gain a rating in one second and can gain the reason for that rating in just 3 seconds.


Use the Magic Question

The power of this simple open-question cannot be underestimated. The 'magic question' finds out what REALLY matters to your customers. It empowers them to tell you that one thing that's really on their mind.

“Is there anything else you would like to tell us?”


Smiley faces

Smiley face questions create an instant multi-lingual rating opportunity for customers to engage. Used in combination with one or two quick follow-on questions, you can gain powerful in the moment insights and understand the WHY behind the rating. We provide free-to-use smiley face options and alternatives such as stars or numbers.

ViewPoint kiosks can include animated smiley face buttons - or other animated design on request.


Survey Design Services

At ViewPoint, we understand surveys. Where a validated customer, employee, patient, visitor or student survey is required, we make it easy for you. Let us advise you, provide the designed screen template and ensure your survey is tested, so that your surveys are brilliant and feedback results are robust.

on brand smiley button feedback survey

Example Question Types:

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple answer (all that apply)
  • Free form text (verbatim)
  • Routed
  • Tabular (multiple questions on one screen)
  • Alpha Numerical
  • Data capture
  • ...and unique info screens


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Customers Love Us

Such low-cost and yet high-value feedback is immensely helpful in getting closer to our customers. Being able to respond to their expectations will help to keep Shoe Zone ahead of our competition.
Naomi Shefford
Marketing, Shoe Zone
As responses are collected and analysed in real time, service managers are far better placed to react to feedback quickly.
Michael Marshall
Quality Co-ordinator, University of Exeter
“The facility provided by CRT was identified as one which offered the total solution to the patient experience feedback capability that the Trust was looking for. The flexibility of survey design was particularly important, as we did not want to be tied to a small number of pre-set questions. Patient representatives have been involved in survey design which we feel is very important in ensuring we involve and engage our patients.”
Vikki Caruth
Deputy Director of Nursing, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

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