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Valid8 Tool customer data purityValid8 Ensuring the accuracy of all your data 

You’ll be using your customer insight to drive service improvements, so you need to rely on it. That’s why we have developed Valid8™ – our unique patented system and algorithms that run a series of 'checks and measures' from the moment someone starts to respond 
Valid8™ filters out nonsense responses, giving you the certainty to apply your customer feedback to your strategic and tactical decision making. For example, children messing around or staff trying to manipulate responses on unattended devices can be captured and quarantined automatically by the analysis of our clever human-to-device interface.

This is essential technology, especially if you're utilising latest customer experience technologies such as ViewPoint on kiosks, tablets or mobiles.

Works like a SPAM filter

When Valid8™ spots something isn’t right, it immediately and automatically quarantines the data and ensures it remains isolated - like a SPAM filter on your email. If necessary, the quarantined data can be accessed and analysed separately. We also give the reasons for every response that’s quarantined.

Valid8™ is an integral part of the ViewPoint survey solution platform.



Valid8™ determines the likelihood of text based answers being nonsense.  If the probability is high enough then the text is quarantined and sent to the ‘junk’ response area.  This enables a first pass at getting rid of unwanted text data and further improves the accuracy of the data to be reported on, alerted or visualised.


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