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Flexible Reporting Example - customer experienceCustomer feedback you can trust 

You’ll be using your customer insight to drive service improvements, so you need to rely on it.  That’s why Valid8™ is a crucial piece of our survey technology. 
Valid8™ filters out nonsense responses, giving you the certainty to apply your customer feedback to your strategic and tactical decision making.

Choice, Power, Flexibility

The options for reporting your customer feedback – in real-time or reflectively - are virtually limitless.  We’ll deliver precisely what you need for self-serve use or manage your data on your behalf.  
And if you’re not sure what‘s best for you, we’ll share our experience of working with hundreds of public and private sector organisations and guide you in the right direction.

"There was a sense of everyone stopping and catching their breath as they absorbed some very powerful information."  Manheim UK 

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See the big picture before diving deep

Imagine our reporting expertise as a light shining across your business, probing every dark recess. Be open to revelation, and prepare to be inspired…
Our extensive capabilities include extracting meaning from thousands of customer comments.  You can read about our customer sentiment analysis here.  And whatever you choose, our accomplished insight team will be behind you all the way, supporting your success.

Actionable information for improving customer service  

We’ll ensure that your customer satisfaction reports identify where improvements are needed most - and that the information is relayed in clear, meaningful ways. 
We’ll share ideas you may not have considered and – for an even closer partnership – host your service-improvement action planning workshops. 
For blending technology with world-class customer service, talk with us about our Live Alerts. When a customer responds to your survey with a complaint or concern, our solution will trigger an e-mail alert to your team.  Near instant notification will empower them to respond on the spot, preventing escalation. 

Integrated customer satisfaction data 

Our solution may be fully integrated with your IT network and we can import your customer feedback data to in-house packages.  
We can also align your customer insight data with management and staff KPIs.