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Student Services Feedback Made Easy

Providing student services teams with effective feedback solutions so they know exactly how their services are being received by students.

Ready To Talk About Student Feedback Kiosks? 

Fast Feedback from the student hub

At the heart of student campus life, the student services hub is the perfect location to collect student experience feedback.

Ready To Talk About Student Feedback Kiosks?

Feedback from your students

As a student services team you are at the heart of the student experience; a central resource that unites activity across  students' daily life. 

As a hub of this activity, student services has also become a critical campus location for collecting student experience feedback.


Use feedback kiosks to improve the student experience. 

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Hub of activity and a hive of student experience insight

Increasingly, the Student Services Hub provide a single point of contact for all student enquiries. With so many services being offered under one roof, it is more important than ever to ensure that the student experience is positive. However, as busy hives of information exchange, there isn’t much time to stop and ask students for their feedback. 

This is where pulse surveys come in! Feedback podiums, asking up to 5 simple questions, capture this information quickly and effortlessly. Feedback kiosks. such as the ViewPoint Pulse, provide 

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  • Flexibility to create the survey you want with your own questions and question type.
  • Portability to enable you to move the kiosk around campus as needed.
  • Surveys can be adapted and changed throughout the year to meet your projects' requirements.
  • Automated response upload means you don't have to manually type in feedback responses. They are right there on your reporting dashboard, waiting for when you want to view them.


Pulse surveys empower students to leave impulse feedback and tell you what is on their mind - almost without even realising they have done it. 


Student feedback kiosks

Student friendly interactive feedback kiosks or online surveys can take the burden of survey administration away from front line staff. Kiosks in high traffic areas attract students on site whilst online surveys catch them away from the hub. The students’ opinions are captured and then collated on to a single dashboard for on demand reporting.


Engaging all areas of University life

In addition to collecting insight from day to day appointments at the hub student feedback kiosks can be deployed to the wider university environment, including support at enrollment, public and student facing events and open days.  You can switch the survey to suit the activity you are collecting feedback on.





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"Accurate and swift gathering of feedback in our cafes, bars, restaurants and shops is embedded in our continuous improvement programme. We’re already seeing the benefits – for example some of our value items needed to be more visible.”
University of Warwick
"We conducted some research to find out why people leave feedback, and gave options for future feedback systems. Using images, we showed the options available to us. The ViewPoint touchscreen was the overwhelming favourite amongst the staff, students and visitors we asked."
Graduate Project Officer for Student Services Directorate, University of Hull
"One example of the positive changes we’ve made as a result of feedback so far is the broadening of our food range to meet the needs of increasingly diverse and international profiles here at UWE.”
University of the West of England

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