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Accommodation services that inspire

Feedback that informs decision making so that student establishments meet the needs of their residents, tenants or guests.

Ready To Talk About Student Feedback Kiosks?

Get Feedback from Student Residents

Improve the student experience by creating an outstanding environment within student accommodation.

Ready To Talk About Student Feedback Kiosks?

Feedback from your residents

Accommodation managers, domestic bursars or hall managers, are tasked with creating safe, secure homes where students can study and socialise in comfort.

Student digs are more than just a place to sleep; managers are also tasked with enhancing the overall student experience for the students in their buildings.


Using feedback to inform service improvements

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  • Understand how and why students use spaces in order to provide services that dazzle 

  • Increase occupancy rates

  • Manage accommodation reputation across campus

  • Increase retention rates year on year



 Start collecting resident feedback now!

Resolve resident issues quickly

Ensure the smooth running of accommodation facilities, including the safety and well-being of residents, with email alerts about issues as and when they arise.

Build relationships with tenants

Develop and build positive relationships with residents, tenants and guests by understanding what really matters to them.

Manage needs of different visitors

Monitor satisfaction levels of different user groups using your accommodation and facilities eg for outside lets, tourists and conferences.

Feedback podiums, asking up to 5 simple questions, capture resident information quickly and effortlessly. Resident comments can be monitored for trends, and you can even drill down to look at differences in feedback during times of the week and in and out of term time. Feedback kiosks such as the ViewPoint Pulse, provide Touchscreen view of pulse push button feedback terminal
  • Flexibility to create the survey you want with your own questions and question type.
  • Portability to enable you to move the kiosk around sites as needed
  • Surveys can be adapted and changed throughout the year to meet your residents' requirements.
  • Automated response upload means you don't have to manually type in feedback responses. They are right there on your reporting dashboard, waiting for when you want to view them.


Empower residents to leave impulse feedback and tell you
what is on their mind ... as often as they like. 

University college room


Customers Love Us

See what our customers say:
"Accurate and swift gathering of feedback in our cafes, bars, restaurants and shops is embedded in our continuous improvement programme. We’re already seeing the benefits – for example some of our value items needed to be more visible.”
University of Warwick
"We conducted some research to find out why people leave feedback, and gave options for future feedback systems. Using images, we showed the options available to us. The ViewPoint touchscreen was the overwhelming favourite amongst the staff, students and visitors we asked."
Graduate Project Officer for Student Services Directorate, University of Hull
"One example of the positive changes we’ve made as a result of feedback so far is the broadening of our food range to meet the needs of increasingly diverse and international profiles here at UWE.”
University of the West of England

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