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The link between student satisfaction, recruitment and financial performance is proven which is why an increasing number of HE establishments are turning to our smart student feedback solutions.

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Find out what really matters to your students

Student feedback is effective with ViewPoint. Relying on annual, national surveys won’t give you what you need, but gaining daily student experience feedback is powerful. Keep your finger on the pulse with ‘always-on’ real-time feedback solutions, that provide you with a constant flow of actionable data.

We work with universities in the UK and internationally, from open days to libraries, sports facilities to catering - ViewPoint student surveys and feedback is improving the student experience.

Our Solutions

  • Increase student feedback response rates

  • Enable action to improve your league table rankings

  • Identify issues in real-time to highlight sources of dissatisfaction

  • Monitor wellbeing or others important measures

  • Show your students that you’re listening and acting on what you hear

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With the level of cyber-threat increasing daily, it’s essential that your data is held and processed securely. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified so you can be confident your data is processed and stored securely.
Gain insights on all your campus facilities – accommodation, libraries, student services and support.

Our approach

Capture, Analyse, Improve – smart and seamless solutions from feedback capture right through to service improvement. We’re your one stop feedback shop.
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Customers Love Us

"ViewPoint’s in-the-moment surveys are appealing to our students because they can answer them quickly and easily.

We want to understand the entire student journey, and immediate feedback is key."

Mark Potter
Head of Service Delivery, The University of Warwick

"We conducted some research to find out why people leave feedback, and gave options for future feedback systems. Using images, we showed the options available to us. The ViewPoint touchscreen was the overwhelming favourite amongst the staff, students and visitors we asked."

Max Scales
Graduate Project Officer for Student Services Directorate, University of Hull

“As responses are collected and analysed in real time, service managers are far better placed to react to feedback quickly."

Michael Marshall
Quality Co-ordinator, University of Exeter

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