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Oxford Aspire


Oxford museums use ViewPoint as a strategic tool to get closer to the two million people who visit their collections annually.

Some of the UK’s most renowned and cherished museums have turned to ViewPoint visitor surveys in order to gain a greater understanding of the needs of the two million people who pass through their doors every year.

Within just three months of partnering with CRT, the museums and collections that make-up Oxford ASPIRE had collated more real-time data than they normally captured in a year! 

Oxford ASPIRE is a consortium comprised of the four Oxford University Museums, the Ashmolean, Museum of the History of Science, Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum, and the Oxfordshire County Council Museums Service.

Early Visitor Survey Findings

From a standing start in December 2012, CRT’s user-friendly survey and feedback technologies have facilitated several important discoveries, including:

  • Managers learning that visitors are particularly interested in guided tours and up-to-date content about the collections and museums they can access via their mobile phones.
  • A realisation that the consortia has been more successful in engaging with people from harder to reach areas of the city than it had previously realised.
  • The early identification of two museums that are attracting greater numbers of national and international tourists than other members.

This knowledge has enabled decisive steps to be taken to raise the public profile of all the museums, and ensure the best possible visitor experience at all the Oxford ASPIRE venues.

“The ViewPoint visitor feedback system has allowed us to collect significantly more responses,” commented Jessica Suess of Oxford ASPIRE. “Within the first three months of using ViewPoint, we collected more responses than we had over the previous twelve months.

“Working with the ViewPoint system has also allowed us to achieve more consistency with respect to the data we collect as we can gather information throughout our opening hours, rather than being limited to the few times when staff and volunteers are available to conduct face-to-face surveys.”

A key benefit to Oxford ASPIRE is the consortia’s ability to use real-time visitor feedback to develop their visitor strategies to be capable of meeting specific needs. For example, managers have been empowered to refine their social media strategies to reach out to the growing numbers of people who use platforms like Twitter, Facebook and TripAdvisor.

High levels of visitor satisfaction

Customer opinion drives Oxford ASPIRE’s operational and marketing activities, which are focussed on achieving the highest possible visitor satisfaction levels and enhancing the museums’ prestigious reputations.   

Prior to working with CRT, consortia members relied on feedback gained from time-consuming face-to-face interviews and paper-based surveys. As a consequence, insight was very limited due to the relatively small number of responses collected and processed.

But today, Oxford ASPIRE museums are able to benefit from four free-standing Customer Feedback Kiosks and mobile Tablet Surveys as their preferred means of capturing visitor feedback.

Visitor feedback analysis and reporting

CRT’s award-winning survey system now allows visitors to give their opinions entirely unaided by staff. Attractive and engaging customer surveys include logos and other branding, colourful images, information screens and easy-read functionality that suits all demographics.

ViewPoint’s master questionnaire has a core set of 10 questions relevant to all five sites, and each museum’s touchscreen survey has additional questions specific to its services, current exhibitions and areas of interest. The sites review their own feedback, and a joint museums visitor report is run quarterly. This provides an accurate record of customer satisfaction levels and other automated benchmarking and analysis – all powered by ViewPoint’s analytical reporting tools.  

Portable Tablet Surveys are run by shop staff at the Ashmolean for specific questionnaires around events, such as late night openings.

Customer support and training

At all times, Oxford ASPIRE enjoys the on-going guidance and support of CRT’s customer care and research teams and, in particular, the CRT Academy, which has delivered high quality training workshops to the consortia’s visitor experience personnel.

The Academy has delivered sessions on survey design and reporting, and shared best practice and tips on real-time research gained from CRT’s other museum customers.

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Apr 17 2015