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Real Time Student Feedback For Universities

Student Experience Feedback and Surveys

Improving student experience through feedback technology

We understand the importance of student engagement and have developed technologies that students love to use. Our award-winning feedback technologies are helping many universities - including Exeter, Leeds, Warwick and Loughborough, gain a deeper understanding of student and visitor opinion across campus.

​Through our capture, anaylse and improve methodology, you can truly understand the issues your students face and have the insight to make the improvements necessary. 

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Insight into the Student Journey

The student journey starts from the moment they attend your open day and their experiences stay with them throughout their life. That’s why it is important not only to make the right first impression but also continue to meet their expectations throughout their time on campus.

Our solutions fit neatly into the students’ environment to capture opinion in multiple ways. Whether you need a kiosk in high footfall areas or a focused email survey, ViewPoint brings all the data in to a central hub for you to analyse and make decisions in real time. 

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  • Capture students across campus

Flexible surveys can capture campus wide or location specific feedback, such as from Catering Facilities, Libraries, Accommodation, Student Services and Retail outlets.

  • Capture the first term

Student drop outs are costly. Capturing student feedback can help to lower drop outs by understanding issues freshers are encountering: providing an opportunity to intervene with solutions before situations become critical.

  • Capture the small things

Success comes from valuing the importance of the small things which, done well, work together to create an outstanding experience.

  • Capture it first

Annual survey rankings convey a strong external communication message and influence the calibre of candidates applying for future intakes. The data, however, gives little insight in to the ‘why’ - why did students give high or low scores? With continuous feedback, institutions are empowered with actionable insights. Implementing improvement plans in response to the feedback received influences the ultimate 3rd year student score.

  • Capture a different customer

During the summer months, students are often replaced by corporate customers. Read more about capturing these customers.


Find out more about creating successful student surveys with our useful guide ready to download now :-


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