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Shoe Zone Retail Feedback

The ViewPoint customer kiosks deliver feedback we can act on to increase loyalty, improve marketing and enhance product information

Shoe Zone is the No.1 value footwear retailer in the UK and Republic of Ireland, currently trading from over 500 locations. They employ in excess of 3000 people who put in over 3 million hours annually in order to operate this successful and growing business. Shoe Zone currently sell approximately 18 million pairs of footwear per year.

The Need

Organic and acquisitive growth has ensured the fast development of Shoe Zone. Keeping existing customers loyal, whilst also winning new market share, is central to Shoe Zone's growth strategy, and therefore the need for hearing the customer's opinions has never been greater.

Directors and management are determined to provide increasing value, along with class-leading customer service, but recognise the challenge of understanding the local customer's requirements as much as national trends. With a keen eye on value for money, a means for capturing good quality, local-store, volume feedback, without the associated costs of traditional research, was sought.

Proactive marketing across channels also demands good quality data.

Our Solution

Shoe Zone installed Toshiba feedback kiosks in select stores with interactive highly on-brand screens. The interactive screens are designed to be fun and easy for all customers and non buyers. Managed by the award winning ViewPoint CX Platform, customers now engage with the screens multiple times daily, providing a stream of product information, contact information and customer satisfaction data to increase loyalty.

Head office, regional managers and stores gain knowledge via ViewPoint and data is also shared through integration with existing infrastructure.

"Such low-cost and yet high-value feedback is immensely helpful in getting closer to our customers. Being able to respond to their expectations will help to keep Shoe Zone ahead of our competition."customer feedback and marketing kiosk

Naomi Shefford, Marketing


In addition to marketing data, customer satisfaction data and product information, benefits include:

  • Brand-building, interactive and easy customer and non buyer feedback
  • No hassle for staff, who are therefore free to support their customers
  • Accurate and balanced feedback across all visitors to store
  • Enabling Shoe Zone to revisit product lines from customer need
  • New knowledge gained from customers who did not/could not buy
  • Improved customer satisfaction leading to more loyal customers

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Mar 24 2017