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    In the pursuit of happiness : CRT partner with HappyOrNot

    HappyOrNot, global leaders in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting, have partnered with CRT to supply innovative touch button feedback terminals to the UK market.


    Established in 2009, HappyOrNot deliver award-winning service and innovative solutions to help organisations improve their customer and employee happiness. HappyOrNot, who measure happiness in over 90 countries, have appointed CRT as a leading UK partner in recognition of CRT’s established reputation for providing point of experience feedback across multiple sectors.

    Simon Rowland, CEO at CRT explains "At CRT we have been providing customer research solutions to clients for nearly 15 years. The addition of HappyOrNot terminals expands our portfolio for lower cost feedback solutions. We have promoted the “capture-analyse-improve” cycle for many years, including the benefits of gathering meaningful customer insight. The beauty of HappyOrNot rests on the simplicity of asking a single question and measuring performance over time."

    Duncan Curtis of HappyOrNot comments “CRT’s expertise in feedback technology made them an obvious choice to further grow our UK operations.  It is clear to see the team in Coventry are just as passionate about improving customer or staff experience as we are! Our mission is to make the world a happier place one customer at a time; and we are confident CRT will help us to achieve this."

    Image : Simon Rowland meets HappyOrNot founders Heikki Vaananen, {left} and Ville Levaneimi, {right}  with UK commercial director Duncan Curtis

    Image : Simon Rowland meets HappyOrNot founders {Heikki Vaananen, left} and {Ville Levaneimi, right}  with UK commercial director {Duncan Curtis}


    The innovative HappyOrNot concept comprises a simple terminal with 4 buttons. The long battery life and use of the mobile network for data handling makes it truly flexible. Organisations, such as IKEA, PC World, BMW, the NHS and 100’s of airports worldwide, ask a simple satisfaction question and respondents vote using the 4 smiley faces.

    “We recognise that customers, patients or employees often want to give you a quick indicator of their satisfaction levels around a particular question. HappyOrNot is the perfect solution. And what's more the integration with ViewPoint enables us to ask follow on questions where necessary, providing a truly complete point of experience solution - that's great value to our customers.” concludes Simon.



    If you would like to understand more about increasing customer, patient and employee happiness with HappyOrNot terminals in the UK, please contact us on 024 7660 8832 or email us here.

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