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    Introducing the ViewPoint Pulse

    The new ViewPoint Pulse is a stylish, portable 10” feedback kiosk designed to ease thoughts and opinions from customers or employees in-the-moment.

    ViewPoint Pulse: Simple, Engaging, Convenient

    Pulse kiosks are delivered fully branded with eye catching graphics and loaded with branded surveys tailored to the needs of individual projects. Simply choose where to place the kiosk and away you go. Every response is automatically uploaded to a secure online dashboard via Wifi (3g option also available) where you can monitor results in near real time. This gives you insight into current issues as you track the pulse of feedback over time.

    What’s your why?

    The Pulse expands upon the use of simple rating surveys, as it is designed to help you understand why the rating has been given. Simon Rowland, CEO of CRT ViewPoint explains Understanding the pulse of opinion is fantastic for organisations to see how satisfaction and opinion changes over time. But knowing the cause of the fluctuations is extremely helpful in order to quickly implement required changes and remedy the issues.  Asking customers at the point of experience to tell you what is on their mind and in their own words, gives clear actionable insight quickly. 

    ViewPoint Pulse features

    • Easy to use - simply touch the screen
    • Captures thoughts whilst fresh and therefore with accuracy
    • The surveys are engaging, quick, fun, and don’t feel like surveys
    • Anyone can give the feedback. They don't need to have bought anything, or be a member, or be a patient…
    • False responses can be filtered out – ViewPoint’s patented technology identifies children messing around and other manipulations
    • The feedback given can be acted on straight away by the organisation – it’s real time.


    Andy Childerhouse, COO at CRT ViewPoint comments The ViewPoint Pulse has been developed with complete ease in mind. It offers a total solution to capture, analyse and ultimately improve. Our package approach ensures customers have everything they need to get started: A branded kiosk with a short survey, online dashboard to view results and of course all the support they need from our expert team.


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