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    Feedback SOS at OSS - The University of Hull 'one stop shop'

    CRT were invited to attend the AskHU One Stop Shop 2016 event at the University of Hull. The event’s objective was to bring together Student Services teams from across the country to discuss, share and review student services provision and best practice. The focus of the 2016 event was how to help, understand and support students; as both learners and customers.

    CRT have an established relationship with Hull University to provide feedback solutions for their AskHU centralised student services hub. Touch screen feedback kiosks located in the hubs, together with reflective online surveys, collect data from students which is used to shape future service provision. AskHU invited James Collinson and Toby Knight from CRT to attend and share the solutions with their wider student services community. James and Toby’s presentation, which introduced 'The feedback that couldn’t be heard', discussed the issues faced when gathering feedback from students.

    Student feedback that's actionable

    James Collinson, HE specialist, comments “Student Service teams have been trying to gather feedback from students for years, and have often struggled to find the true value in it. We frequently hear stories of the capture methods becoming too laborious to administer or concerns about the feedback collected giving any actionable insight. We showed our audience we understood exactly what the issues are and it was clear the message hit home. The main reason for us being there, however, was to show they do not have to accept this status quo. With the right student feedback tools and some support, these services can capture the right information from their students, in a timely way that supports, rather than burdens their service.”

    Student survey package

    As the end of the academic year fast approaches, focus has turned to how improvements can be made for next year’s freshers and restarts. In response, we have developed a student services package, designed specifically to capture the essential first term experience. With many drop outs occurring during this first term, capturing and responding to these students’ issues can help to avoid the drop outs. James concludes “The student services package is designed to be simple to integrate into the current proposition. CRT provide everything you need and send across reports at the agreed time.” Read more about our Student Services package.

    To read more about our work with AskHU click here.

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