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    by Simon Rowland

    Celebrating teamwork

    Behind every successful brand is a successful team. And this was never more evident than when ViewPoint recently celebrated 4 key team members reaching milestones in their service.

    Andrew Scott (Scotty to us) and Nicky Allen both celebrated 10 years with the team, whilst Marianne McKeown and Bobby Ngwu both celebrated 5 years. The team members were presented with gifts from the company, as a sign of appreciation for their loyalty, over a dinner and speech from our CEO.

    Marianne, Finance Manager, says “Working at ViewPoint for the last 5 years has been a great experience. Over recent years we have gone through many changes and the team has made those changes really work. The office environment is always one of support and I am very proud to be a part of ViewPoint.”

    Simon Rowland, CEO for ViewPoint, comments “I think the ViewPoint team is awesome. When you get great people in a business, you need to keep hold of them. My colleagues reaching these milestones is testament to the way we support and respect each other. There are many great personalities in the office and working together is both fun and rewarding. We are proud of what we achieve together. I thank Scotty, Bobby, Nicky and Marianne for their commitment and look forward to working together in the years to come.”

    Despite reaching 10 years service, Nicky and Scotty are not excused from chipping in to our cakes on Friday's. 

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