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    Celebrating Employee Engagement

    In the 2019 Retail Week Awards, many leading brands have won accolades for their work, which includes an award for ‘Best Place to Work’. A panel of industry experts will have pored over the evidence for why the entrants deserve to win the award – and the best entry selected.

    This year it was Beaverbrooks, and a very well done to them! Winning Best Place to Work seems to me to be a great thing to celebrate. Having a healthy and happy workforce is the goal of the best of brands. Organisations who really do care should be celebrated.

    Concerning the Beaverbrooks’ award Retail Week said; At the core of Beaverbrooks’ ethos is a focus on staff well-being. There is a raft of initiatives designed to promote health and happiness at all levels throughout the company. Managers are trained to recognise and support team members who might be feeling stressed and unwell, and the company has signed up to Retail Trust’s Employee Assistance Programme where staff members receive free flu jabs and discounted gym memberships to help them along the way.

    Focus Groups and Feedback

    This is all great to hear! They also said; And to make sure it is all working smoothly and that staff are heard, the retailer hosts regular focus groups and feedback sessions to give them a chance to report back.

    So like all the best organisations, they are listening to their employees and using different methods and modes to ensure all staff get the opportunity to feed back. Their employees shape the programmes, training and charity work that they are also known for. And it all starts with knowing your employees and being interested in their views and feelings.

    Richard Branson famously quotes

    “If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers”.

    His quote simply puts the employee first. Most quotes appear to put the customer first, but happy employees mean happy customers – it’s in that order.

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