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    3650 days but light years apart!

    So this image is 10 years old this month!  PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants for those of you too young to remember) were still quite a big thing back then.  The earlier models didn’t tend to have a connection to any network directly, connecting to a PC to syncronise, yet, back then seemed such a huge leap from the traditional Filofax!

     ‘Apps' (before they were called apps) could be installed on them to provide particular functionality, that’s where our survey platform came in. ViewPoint was capturing and collating feedback data in to a sign place ready for analysis even then.


    Touchscreen tech on the go

    The screens on these needed a ‘pen’, essentially a plastic stick, partly because the resistive ‘touchscreen’ needed quite a hard press to work, and partly because all the text and buttons were so small!  It was a great way to be able to do surveys on the go though.  Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and tablets are ubiquitous so PDAs are few and far between, or at least geared up for specific industries like stock management etc.


    The last decade has seen the huge rise of touchscreen devices and apps everywhere.  Our own ViewPoint software is an app for Android or iOS that nowadays far exceeds the capability and looks of the old PDA version.  They can work alongside other apps, or as fully locked down devices that are purposed purely for feedback.  Plus there’s the option to use responsive online surveys on connected devices.

     ViewPoint Pulse desktop feedback device with touchscreen technology

    We’ll dig out some more old photos so you can share some nostalgia.  But also keep a look out for some current & future tech posts!

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