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Real time multi-channel customer feedback enables organisations to ask questions during or immediately after interaction, at multiple touchpoints.


Multi-channel feedback solutions empower your customers to feedback on all and any aspect of your service - online, offline, reflectively or in real time. By tracking service at every touchpoint you can get a holistic view of the entire customer journey. 
Fast analytics makes sense of the data, which is disseminated in a timely manner via Dashboard or integration.
In addition to touch screen kiosks and tablets, which can work in isolation or integrated into a multi-channel feedback solution, we provide:
Multi Channel Feedback solutions

 Telephone feedback icon Telephone

Automated voice surveys consist of a short after-service phone call with a series of concise questions that are answered by pressing a relevant button on the phone keypad. Where the personal touch is required, we provide a fully managed telephone survey where trained researchers make calls utilising a ‘guiding script’.

Online feedback icon Online

Customers can be directed to our online surveys by email, website, QR codes, till receipts or leaflets where they can complete the survey in their own time. Our responsive online surveys are universal, accessible by mobile, laptop desktop or tablet device. They can be fully branded to include logos, colours and images

SMS, text, feedback icon SMS Text

You can either text a link to an online survey or text a short series of concise questions. Our SMS survey solutions are an effective, affordable way of delivering short, focussed surveys that generate high levels of feedback.

Paper, card based feedback icon Paper

Paper surveys are sometimes the most effective option when you’re looking to get feedback from certain demographics such as the elderly or those living in remote, rural locations.

There's a little more complexity in multi-channel solutions, so why not get in touch with us for an intial discussion or email exchange about your requirements. We can share some of our knowledge and experience in providing more complex or integrated solutions, and listen to what you're hoping to achieve. We'll then work with you in creating a world-class customer experience solution.

Customers Love Us

"The customer survey information tells us accurately what our customers and shoppers are thinking. The solution lets us deliver real value to our store owners, giving them instant feedback to help sustain the highest standards of customer service."
Susannah Hart
Communications Manager, Specsavers
"As responses are collected and analysed in real time, service managers are far better placed to react to feedback quickly."
Michael Marshall
Quality Co-ordinator, University of Exeter
"Seeing the feedback through fresh eyes, away from the pressures on the ward we could really see how our processes were not fit for us OR our patients… we designed a new model the whole team could get behind."
Claire Boothroyd,
Ward Manager, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Happy, sad and indifferent customer

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