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Improving service through understanding your passengers' needs better

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Why does it matter?

Airports, train hubs and passenger terminals have seen an explosion in footfall. Globally, international passenger air traffic has increased 8.4% year on year [source ACI Aero, 2017 stats] and in the UK 268 million passenger journeys took place, a growth of 7% year on year. Heathrow Airport has now topped 78 million passenger journeys and at Dallas Fort Worth Airport 67 million passenger journeys take place annually [source Dept for Transport, 2017 stats].

Rail journeys likewise have seen over 273 million people taking the train in the UK alone, an increase of 152% since 1986.

On top of these growing passenger numbers, customer expectations also continue to increase. We’re all less tolerant of service failures and have higher expectations of our needs being fully met. Any single part of our journey which might fail to meet these expectations affects the overall experience. Therefore, every single touch point matters.

ViewPoint Passenger Feedback

ViewPoint specialises in passenger feedback - and whether you’re flying from Dallas Fort Worth International airport in the US, from Manchester Airport in the UK, or on a rail journey through Euston Station, via London Bridge station – ViewPoint passenger feedback technology has helped to ensure the experience is being improved.



How it Works

London Bridge Station Pulse Kiosk2Interactive screens with on-brand feedback forms, designed for each setting, glean real-time feedback within seconds from passengers.


The ViewPoint touchscreens are positioned as floor standing, wall mounted or counter top and this flexibility enables them to be located at various passenger touch points.


IMAGE: ViewPoint Pulse on a concourse at London Bridge Station.


Data is encrypted and securely cloud hosted. Patented algorithms ensure the feedback data is accurate, and instant Live Alerts give management exception reporting where urgent matters need to be highlighted. Trend Analysis over time is provided through interactive dashboards – and ViewPoint also provide an API where a data feed is required for customer’s existing MI or BI systems.

Reliable Information from ViewPoint

Service Improvement

One example is where Manchester Airport made security changes in response to data from passengers through ViewPoint feedback. They said,

“We were able to respond immediately…we briefed colleagues accordingly and as a result, more officers were deployed around the airport, particularly at our two peak periods during the day.”


They then utilised ViewPoint to track confidence levels following these improvements. The constant stream of feedback that ViewPoint provides, minute by minute, enables our customers to monitor change over time.

They went on to say,

“When we examined the survey results a few days after this action had been implemented, we could see that confidence levels had climbed significantly. That’s the power of having reliable information at your fingertips.”

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“At TUI we believe the holiday experience starts at the airport, and it is important that we make the experience the best it can be.”

Read more about our work with Tui 


Service Rectification

For example, at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport have found the instant feedback from passengers on their facilities and wash rooms to be powerful for informing service visits where large footfall has reduced facility cleanliness. Live Alerts from ViewPoint determined by preconfigured algorithms, ensure that facilities can be alerted to cleaning teams in-between any scheduled cleaning rotas. This enables the airport to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness across the facility.


Trends Over Time

ViewPoint feedback is real-time, actionable and reports exceptions, however analytics also informs trends, patterns, time of day/month/year – data that enables strategic decisions to be made with confidence. ViewPoint Dashboards enable a top-level view, with drill-down simplicity where something needs further investigation. Reports are easily shared directly from the dashboard.

Customers, such as London Bridge Stations utilise concourse feedback to understand passenger experience in multiple touchpoints. The constant flow of data provides a ‘management view’ of the whole facility, informing on wider facility management requirements.



  • Do you want to understand your passengers better?

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“ViewPoint provided us with the perfect solution for our needs, providing feedback exactly when and where we need it."
Susanne Kennedy,
Project Manager, Tui
"We conducted some research to find out why people leave feedback, and gave options for future feedback systems. Using images, we showed the options available to us. The ViewPoint touchscreen was the overwhelming favourite amongst the staff, students and visitors we asked."
Max Scales
Graduate Project Officer for Student Services Directorate, University of Hull