They can be used in accident and emergency departments, on wards and in visitor areas, including restaurants and reception areas.


    Featuring our Valid8™ data integrity software, you’ll have peace of mind thatedge_kiosk_nhs_branded.jpg any unattended kiosk-based surveys you manage will deliver accurate and validated results that are protected from false survey responses, such as children playing on the kiosks.

    As part of a total health solution for patient feedback, the kiosks capture data in real-time and the ViewPoint patient experience platform delivers that feedback in easy-to-read Dashboards and Reports designed for each department. If you require a live data feed direct to your own reporting tools, then we securely deliver that too.


    Friends and Family Test

    Patient experience kiosks are brilliant for the friends and family test question. Kiosks can be situated on table tops, counters, trolleys, wall mounted or stand alone and we can advise on and supply all options. And we can alert you with updates on response volumes.

    The key benefit of using a survey kiosk for the friends and family test is that follow-on questions are easily included, providing you with rich insights into where your hospital can make service improvements. Then you can feed-back (also via the screen) the service improvements you've made so that patients, carers and visitors all appreciate the work that's being undertaken. This is a vital 'feedback loop' to assist you in improving your friends and family test score.


    Benefits of a patient kiosk survey

    • Total honesty – the kiosk means there is no human influence or bias with the survey responses
    • No staff resource required – NHS staff can focus on care
    • Accurate information – Valid8™ guarantees data integrity (essential for unnattended patient surveys)
    • Timed responses throughout the day/night to identify service improvement areas
    • Surveys are designed for each service area, including 'easy read' and other images
    • ‘You said, we did’ and patient or visitor information screens
    • Highly accessible surveys – all demographics and abilities are able to repsond

    ViewPoint survey software powers a range of patient experience kiosks, which we can provide for you or you can purchase yourself. Our services enable you to self-serve utilising our web-based patient feedback platform, or alternatively we provide managed services – where we can look after every aspect of your patient engagement.


    You can buy or rent survey kiosks

    From a single event, where you rent our devices and services – to a rolling long term placement across your hospitals – we can meet every aspect of your kiosk survey and data capture need. For example, we can set up an interactive survey to specification, deliver and collect the survey kiosks and provide the analysis and reports almost instantly.

    And if you already have patient kiosks within your organisation, ViewPoint survey software can be installed within that environment to utilise your existing hardware and provide great value to the NHS.

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    Customers Love Us

    “The facility provided by CRT was identified as one which offered the total solution to the patient experience feedback capability that the Trust was looking for. The flexibility of survey design was particularly important, as we did not want to be tied to a small number of pre-set questions. Patient representatives have been involved in survey design which we feel is very important in ensuring we involve and engage our patients.”
    Vikki Carruth
    Deputy Director of Nursing, Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
    "Our work with ViewPoint enables us to really know what our patients and carers think. Beyond the FFT we also gain great insight from patient surveys that are co-designed to provide highly accessible means for patient responses."
    Hayley White
    Patient Experience Officer with Royal Free and Barnet and Chase
    “ViewPoint gives us excellent Patient Experience evidence and has enabled us to demonstrate that we have robust mechanisms in place to gather and act on the feedback…ViewPoint has developed specific reports that utilise the exact scoring used in the NHS Employers Engagement Toolkit, which has been extremely helpful”.
    Corinne Aspel
    Lead Senior Nurse, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

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