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Reporting and analytics

Get to the Heart of the Matter with our Smart Feedback Reporting
    ViewPoint Dashboard


    Feedback, collected on touchscreen devices, are uploaded to your dashboard in an instant.

    Feedback Solutions: Your Kiosk Guide



    Monitor and manage your service performance 24/7 through  real-time dashboards.
    • Pinpoint issues in real-time using our live alerts, enabling you to address and resolve service issues straight away.
    • Categorise, quantify and analyse open-ended responses at the click of a button.
    • Get the right insights to the right people to drive business decisions.
    Make smarter decisions and quickly prioritise improvements that will have the greatest impact.




    Helping you to know your customers better.







    Measurable KPI's to evidence issues and improvement

    • Benchmark & Compare.

    • Monitor trends by, hour, day, month or year.

    • View effects of service improvements as they occur.

    • Validate improvement projects.



    Create experiences customers love

    Uncover pain points, monitor changes and understand what matters most to your customers.



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    Live Alerts Feature


    ACT faster

    Live alerts tell you what is happening right now

    Why wait until things have become really bad before you realise there is an issue?


    Happy, sad & indifferent customer

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    Our Reports

    Sentiment & Text Analysis reporting

    Helps you gain insight from free-text customer feedback without having to read through all the comments yourself. Industry specific lexicons identify meaning and sentiment based on the context in which a word or phrase is used.

    Word clouds

    A visual, intuitive way to see the words that your customers are commonly using to describe you. The larger the size of the word, the greater the frequency of use. 

    Comments breakdown

    Enables you to delve deeper into what customers are saying, providing greater insight into context and nuance.

    Comparative data/cross tabulation

    Enables you to compare responses to a survey question from different groups or to compare responses to two or more survey questions.

    Summary Reports

    Useful in presenting a high-level overview for senior management. Contain key metrics and insights addressing the interests and concerns of the target audience.

    Role-based reporting

    Important where different users have different reporting needs, based on their role. Access can be restricted to those who have a genuine need to know.

    KPI snapshots

    Useful ‘at-a-glance’ guide to performance against key satisfaction targets. Can be used to tie customer satisfaction to process performance.

    Raw data file download

    Enables analysts to undertake detailed analysis such as data triangulation where the data download is combined with other data sources.


    Customers Love Us

    "ViewPoint gives us the ability to gain feedback from all our customers and very quickly review the data. It puts our customers at the heart of the decision making process."
    Ben Beevers
    Group Customer Services Manager, Everyone Active
    "Such low-cost and yet high-value feedback is immensely helpful in getting closer to our customers. Being able to respond to their expectations will help to keep Shoe Zone ahead of our competition."
    Naomi Shefford
    Marketing, Shoe Zone
    "The customer survey information tells us accurately what our customers and shoppers are thinking. The solution lets us deliver real value to our store owners, giving them instant feedback to help sustain the highest standards of customer service."
    Susannah Hart
    Communications Manager, Specsavers
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