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Capture feedback on Tablets

Capture feedback on a tablet

Tablet feedback solutions combine the simplicity of touchscreen surveys with the flexibility to take the survey to the customer, employee, patient or student. Tablets are loaded with branded surveys which the customer can complete with or without assistance.

We also provide unique tablet kiosk packages. Place a tablet kiosk with a short smiley face or rating survey anywhere - and gain high levels of employee, customer or patient feedback.


Read more about capturing customer feedback in our E Book "Methods for Measuring Satisfaction & Increasing your Feedback Reach"

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Benefits of a tablet survey:

Tablet survey app for customer feedback

  • Highly mobile – field work, home visits, store greeting, round-table surveys
  • Face to face interactions – assisted surveying and mystery shopping
  • Lock-down options to secure the survey app
  • No additional data inputting – automated data collation via tablet surveys
  • Accurate data – CRT's Valid8™ guarantees feedback data integrity
  • Inform the respondent via info screens – ‘you said, we did’ and marketing


Mounted or hand-held tablet surveys

Our tablet survey app, ViewPoint, is compatible with a range of tablets, Windows, iOS or Android tablets, and can be supplied complete with the device or to be loaded on to your existing tablets. In addition, we have devices available for rental to support single events or projects.

Mounted or hand held tablets

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Pulse Feedback Kiosk survey stand

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