Frequently Asked Questions

See below a list of our most frequently asked questions. 

     If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

    1. Surveying

    Can I ask more than one question?
    Our software allows an unlimited number of questions, although you may be limited depending on the package you buy.  We also recommend limiting the number of questions to the essentials.
    Can I change my questions?
    We will do this for you unless you have chosen the self-serve option.  There may be a limit to the number of changes dependent on the package chosen.
    What sort of questions can I ask?
    We have different questions types you use: multi-select, single-select, open-ended, textual, graphical, tabular.
    How many questions should I ask?
    The simple answer is as few as possible. You should be asking questions that your respondents want to answer and that you can action.  Read our detailed discussion about the number of questions to ask in a survey.
    Are your surveys accessible for all?
    Yes. Although lot of that depends on good survey design – our tools allow you to cater for most people. If you require something more specialist, including Easy Read surveys, child patient surveys etc. then get in touch.
    Do you offer multiple languages?
    Our surveys can be displayed in many different languages, and a respondent can even choose which language they’d prefer.  The only caveat is that you provide the translation or ask us and we’ll quote you to get it done professionally.
    Can I use my own images / logos?
    We can put your branding on the survey, including images and colours and we can change the images used for the answer buttons – we already offer a range of different answer buttons you can use for free.
    Can you help with survey design?
    Depending on the complexity and scale there may be a charge involved, but we always seek to offer advice at every step.
    Can I put your surveys on my own device?
    Yes, this is possible, but not always the best solution. Although we can supply the software needed to install, we often find people need some help with configuration, which we charge for.  There is also the fact that any device we rent to you is fully supported – it doesn’t matter whether you have a software, hardware or configuration problem, we’ll sort it.  If it’s your own device that isn’t the case.
    Do you do telephone surveying?
    Only alongside our other offerings – we don’t do it “stand alone”. If you already have some of our other device based offerings please talk to us about your requirements.
    Do you do SMS surveys?

    Only alongside our other offerings – we don’t do it “stand alone”. If you already have some of our other device based offerings please talk to us about your requirements.


    2. Hardware

    Can I add more devices to the same account?
    Yes, at any time depending on your license, which is also extendible. We have clients with many hundreds of devices on a single account.
    Can I run different surveys on different devices at the same time?
    Yes, you could have a survey per device if needed. It is also possible to have multiple surveys on a single device (See next question).
    Can I run different surveys on the same device easily?
    Yes, there are various ways to do this. Please speak to us so we can understand your particular need.
    What are the dimensions of the devices?
    Our devices have the following footprint dimensions, (width x depth x height):

    1. Tempo - 350mm x 340mm x 1200mm
    2. Pulse – 400mm x 370mm x 1112mm
    3. Trend – 480mm x 630mm x 1428mm
    (Click on the names to read more about the devices)
    Do the devices need a power supply?
    Yes and no! The larger kiosks do need permanent power, and we recommend most floor standing devices be plugged in for ease.  However, we do have extended battery solutions so that you can run all day for events etc. without the need to be plugged in.
    Do the devices need an internet connection?
    The devices can work offline, although they will need an internet connection to upload the responses occasionally. The devices can either use your WiFi or they can be used with 3G, just let us know what is preferred.
    What tablets do you use?
    We can use iOS, Android and Windows based devices and tend to use branded devices such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Toshiba, IBM etc. as we find they have great reliability.
    Do you provide a handheld tablet version?
    Yes, we can provide handheld devices as well as removable/docking versions and wall mount, desk mount or floor standing – if you have a particular requirement not listed let us know!
    Are your devices waterproof / weather proof?
    Not as standard no. They will cope with accidental splashes, like your phone would, but they are not weatherproof.  It is possible for us to source water and weatherproof devices, but they will be considerably more expensive.
    Are your devices accessible for all?
    The floor standing devices have been designed to be fully accessible and the surveys can be adapted according to any particular accessibility requirement.  Other adaptations may be necessary for certain disabilities, those registered blind for example.
    Can we brand up the devices with our own artwork?
    You can either choose from a range of artwork we provide as part of the product, provide your artwork for us to adapt to the device for a fee, or we can give you the template to design it yourself (If you want us to print and fit your design this will be an extra charge, but we can also ship the devices blank for you to do the fitting).

    3. Data

    Is the data secure?
    The data is very secure. From the moment the response is entered at the device it is encrypted and whenever it moves between the device and the server it is further encrypted.
    Can I capture personal details?
    That is up to you. We treat all the data the same.  All data is stored safely and belongs to our customers, we never do anything with it without express instruction/permission from the customer.

    4. Reporting

    Can results be extracted for individual units?
    Yes, you can filter to view the responses from individual devices or select to view overall results. 
    Are reports downloadable?
    Dashboard reports can be downloaded as a PDF.
    Can reporting have different levels of access / permissions?
    The dashboard reports can be assigned to different people with different access.  This could be a completely different report or access by level from the top HQ overview down to individual device or location – or grouped however you need.
    How do you manage ‘nonsense’ responses?
    Nonsense responses are quarantined using our unique Valid8TM algorithms to help ensure data accuracy. These responses can still be viewed and ‘unquarantined’ if necessary.
    Can you notify me in real time if I get bad responses?
    We call this Live Alerts, you get an email as soon as the required parameters are met.  This doesn’t have to be a ‘bad response’ but various levels and combinations of answers can be selected to trigger an alert email.

    5. Purchase Options

    Can we purchase the solution outright/upfront?
    Not normally no. There are exceptional circumstances which tend to be on very large contracts where we will consider the request.
    Can I pay monthly?
    No, but we do accept quarterly payments in advance for contracts over £8,000.
    Is year 2 cheaper?
    Multiple year contracts work out much cheaper if bought upfront as a single contract. Subsequent years on a year-by-year basis are charged at the same rate as the first year.
    What discounts are there for multiple devices?
    There are discounts for multiple devices starting from 5 – please contact us for details.
    Do you offer discounts for charities?
    We will consider any request on a case-by-case basis, but we get many requests for this and unfortunately can’t currently afford to service them all.
    Do you support short projects and events?
    Yes, anything from a single day upwards. Please contact us for details.

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