Customer Satisfaction Survey System

A Customer Feedback System can provide real and tangible benefits to an organisation that wants to get closer to its customers, patients, visitors and staff. However, choosing the right survey system can be a challenge.

    Multi channel customer satisfaction survey system

    That's why we've developed ViewPoint™ - a multi channel customer satisfaction survey system that's customer satisfaction survey systemnow used by major UK brands including Waitrose, Volvo and the NHS, as well as many smaller companies. ViewPoint has also won the IBM innovation award.

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    Systems for Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    So what should you look for in a customer survey system?

    1. Firstly, forget the technology - look at the company, its people and approach. Will they meet your needs for support and expertise? Always take a reference.
    2. Then think about how you work. Do you require an in-house system or a fully hosted system? The benefits of hosted systems include regular updates, no special hardware requirements and guaranteed up-time service level agreements.
    3. Request a demonstration to see for yourself how various elements of the survey system work and ask for the demo to be targetted at your requirements.
    4. Obtain a written proposal and ensure it meets your needs. A quick PowerPoint presentation and a brochure is not sufficient. You should obtain a bespoke proposal.
    5. Think about the future. Where might your requirements head to? Ask the supplier to show you where their development roadmap is heading.

    At ViewPoint, we care about what our customers are trying to achieve and take a keen interest in their requirements. Our ViewPoint customer satisfaction system is world-class, but is still only as good as the customer implementation. That's why we firstly look with you at your current and future customer feedback challenges. Then we provide a draft proposal which we can further define together. Finally we present a total solution and show how this might develop with you in future.

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    Customer Satisfaction? We plan to help!

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    Customers Love Us

    "ViewPoint gives us the ability to gain feedback from all our customers and very quickly review the data. It puts our customers at the heart of the decision making process."
    Ben Beevers
    Group Customer Services Manager, Everyone Active
    "Our work with ViewPoint enables us to really know what our patients and carers think. Beyond the FFT we also gain great insight from patient surveys that are co-designed to provide highly accessible means for patient responses."
    Hayley White
    Patient Experience Officer, Royal Free and Barnet and Chase
    "Alongside the post-event feedback, the information collected via CRT's ViewPoint solution equips our team with the knowledge to make recommendations to the senior management team at our venues."
    Becky Humphries
    Genting Arena and Barclaycard Arena

    “ViewPoint’s feedback solutions have been invaluable…(they) have given us a simple yet powerful set of consolidated, near real-time customer data to enhance the overall experience and help us make real improvements to our service offering.”

    John Carter
    Service Delivery Manager, University of Warwick

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