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Customer Satisfaction Kiosk or Podium

Customer Satisfaction is achieved when your customers, patients or service users get a great service - when they feel valued, listened to and understood.

    Measure customer satisfaction


    Our customer satisfaction kiosks or podiums are in use across the UK and internationally by organisations that want to demonstrate their commitment to customer care. The podium itself shows that you want to engage with your customer. As feedback is received, our survey software filters and analyses the data. Customer satisfaction reports are then instantly available via our interactive dashboards, including free text comments and sentiment analysis.

    For more information on our customer satisfaction podiums call our team on 024 7660 8832 or email us here

    Customer satisfaction podium with smiley faces on screenA Podium For Customer Satisfaction 


    Our customer survey solution comprises of three main elements:

    • The survey software - developed to provide an easy-to-use touch screen interface for leaving feedback on one of our podiums
    • The ViewPoint reporting platform - online access to all sorts of reports and analytical tools
    • Full support from our team of customer satisfaction experts and consultants

    ViewPoint is a multi-channel feedback platform and our podiums form part of a range of customer satisfaction solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions, hardware, software and services.


    Kiosks & Podiums

    Range of Customer satisfaction podiums for feedback

    Our survey software is cross-platform, therefore if you have your own devices running Windows, Android or iOS, you will be able to utilise our services. 

    If however you require an end-to-end survey solution, where we also provide and support your customer satisfaction podium, we can help. We have a full range of mounting options and touchscreen sizes - please get in touch for more information.

    One important element of our unique and award winning solutions is that our Valid8™ systems can detect whether the respondent is taking the survey seriously. A child messing around or someone trying to skew the results is detected. Without this patented validation system, feedback data from touch screens risks being inaccurate.

    We work with many small and large companies including BP, Experian, TUI, Waitrose, Specsavers, GLL and many NHS hospital trusts.


    Where to next?

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    Customers Love Us

    "Such low-cost and yet high-value feedback is immensely helpful in getting closer to our customers. Being able to respond to their expectations will help to keep Shoe Zone ahead of our competition."
    Naomi Shefford
    Marketing, Shoe Zone
    "The customer survey information tells us accurately what our customers and shoppers are thinking. The solution lets us deliver real value to our store owners, giving them instant feedback to help sustain the highest standards of customer service."
    Susannah Hart
    Communications Manager, Specsavers
    "ViewPoint’s solution was quick and easy to install… it’s been invaluable in enabling us to capture, track and report on our customer’s opinion, and gain insights that help us improve the student, staff and customer experience."
    Mark Potter
    Head of Service Delivery, The University of Warwick

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