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Employee Engagement

Staff surveys and engagement


If you're looking for real-time in the moment insights into your employee's satisfaction, attitudes, perceptions and preferences, we can help.

Our customers benefit from using intelligent cost-effective solutions that offer security, ease of use and reliability – without tying up your human resources. From HappyOrNot simplicity, to ViewPoint interactive surveys with follow on questions and live alerts - we help organisations know the pulse of their employees.
Many organisations – including the NHSSpecsavers, BP, TK Maxx and the Bank of England – have incorporated CRT’s survey and feedback solutions into their wider staff engagement programmes.

Employee feedback that's actionable

We provide data that helps to define and drive a dynamic People Strategy but that also informs HR teams and managers week-by-week how their employees are feeling. This is powerful real-time information that will enable you to make changes ahead of real issues escalating. ViewPoint has become a powerful tool for effecting Cultural Change.

The information can be uniquely sourced via kiosks, terminals, tablets, SMS text messaging, or via secure Online Surveys – thereby providing easily accessed feedback points within your organisation.

Supporting People Strategies

  • By providing multi-channel solutions that gather employee feedback
  • Through a robust Privacy Policy and Operating Framework that gives employees the option and confidence to leave anonymous feedback
  • By delivering detailed and authenticated analysis, enabling HR teams to quickly and accurately pinpoint staff issues and monitor the Change Programmes
  • By ensuring your people strategies are alligned with your broad corporate objectives

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