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In-the-moment Customer Experience Feedback

in the moment customer experience retail stores

Customer Experience Feedback in Retail Stores

multi channel customer feedback systemWe can help you gain unparalleled insight into the minds of your customers, browsers, and non-buyers. We work with many retail brands such as Waitrose, ShoeZone and Jewson and specialise in gaining high volumes of actionable insight for store managers, customer insight teams and operations.

Our ViewPoint CX platform captures customer experience feedback through multiple channels, which enables us to give you omni-channel visibility. Crucially our CX platform includes patented Valid8™ technology, which automatically assesses the human interface with your survey process and quarantines false responses such as children messing around or gaming responses.

Research shows that responses gained from customers 'in-the-moment' - right at their point of service - are 40% more accurate than feedback just 24 hours later (source: Gartner). We can help you to gain customer experience feedback that is more accurate and in higher response numbers, often in excess of 500 surveys per week per store.

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Our effective customer experience surveys enable operational and strategic decisions to be made quickly on fresh intelligence from your customers. 

Our ViewPoint Customer Experience platform also offers real-time analytics and flexible reporting options, so that you see what you want to see, how you want to see it. We keep it simple, actionable and usable. And we fully support you in survey programme design, service improvement planning and in gaining full value out of your investment.

Real-time Customer Feedback

ViewPoint's attractive branded customer surveys actually interact with the respondent in real-time. For example, when a negative response is given, a touchscreen kiosk survey or Smartphone survey can route to a further question asking for further detail. Information Screens can also communicate with customers during the survey process, which provide excellent customer engagement and help to build loyalty.

Other options include Live Alerts so that when a problem is raised by a customer an e-mail can be triggered to an appropriate member of staff, giving notice to fix the matter before it escalates.

Non-buyer Feedback and Insight?

Many retail customer experience systems capture the views of those who've made a purchase, but what about those who don't? Strategically positioned customer feedback kiosks and tablets can capture the views of browsers or non-buyers in store, revealing the reasons for the non-purchase and giving you the opportunity to address them. In fact one retailer working with us gained over 20% of their feedback from non buyers. This information enabled them to reallgn stock to better meet customer need, increasing sales.

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