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The customer is king. Technology and choice have increased the customer’s power. That’s why more businesses are using our smart feedback solutions to understand their customers’ requirements and deliver outstanding service.


Improving Service

Feedback in real-time will ensure you know exactly how your customers are feeling, right now. We can take you beyond scores and ratings to understand why your customers feel the way they do.

Asking the right questions and knowing how to listen is key. We’re experts in this and will support you on every step of your feedback journey.

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Our Solutions

  • Highlight what’s most important to customers
  • Gain feedback from non-buyers
  • Secure voice-of-customer feedback and understand sentiment
  • Alert you to concerns so you can resolve issues quickly
  • Allow you to monitor and compare results across sites or brands with real-time dashboards
  • Transform customer comments and ratings into actionable insights to drive improvement

Increase Your Performance

Improve customer satisfaction and increase performance
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All you need to know about customer feedback

Essential resources to help you make the most from customer feedback
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Customers Love Us

"The customer survey information tells us accurately what our customers and shoppers are thinking. The solution lets us deliver real value to our store owners, giving them instant feedback to help sustain the highest standards of customer service."

Susannah Hart
Communications Manager, Specsavers

"Such low-cost and yet high-value feedback is immensely helpful in getting closer to our customers. Being able to respond to their expectations will help to keep Shoe Zone ahead of our competition."

Naomi Shefford
Marketing, Shoe Zone
"ViewPoint’s solution was quick and easy to install… it’s been invaluable in enabling us to capture, track and report on our customer’s opinion, and gain insights that help us improve the student, staff and customer experience."
Mark Potter
Head of Service Delivery, Warwick University

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