What to ask and when for good quality Event Feedback

Event feedback and surveys that are designed to capture delegate responses 'in-the-moment' are the best way to get great value, in terms of both quantity and quality of feedback – two major considerations for any feedback programme.

In-the-moment feedback is more accurate than feedback asked just 24 hours later and, being simple and intuitive, using an interactive feedback kiosk means you get much more feedback than ever before!

Just as the delegate experience isn’t just the result of one ‘single thing’, event feedback can encompass a wide variety of touch points, allowing you to understand the delegate journey from beginning to end. Using different questions in different locations lets you focus on the different aspects of the delegate experience whilst it is fresh in their minds.


What to ask and when to capture in-the-moment feedback at events:

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  • Facilities feedback “Please rate the facilities”

Knowing if the facilities are up to scratch is important for the delegate experience. Push button devices have been utilised next to rest rooms or catering areas to enable visitors to leave their views on the facilities in real time. Live alerts can send notifications to operational teams to attend to issues as and when they arise.


  • Registration desk “How was registration?”

Find out how smooth your registration process was and see if scores vary at different times of the day. Live alerts can be established so you can deploy staffing resource to focus on that area if needed. You could also follow up with a question or two about visitor motivations for attending the show and areas of interest to better understand their expectations. Using this information, alongside exit scores, and asking if they achieved what they wanted for the day can help align future itineraries and marketing communications about what to expect at the show.


  • Exit satisfaction “How did we do today?”

Overall satisfaction scores are very interesting. They give an indication of the value of the show to visitors and can provide very useful data for marketing future events. Simple rating questions, smiley faces, 1 – 5 or NPS ratings give a quick indication of the overall value. This could be followed by a multiple-choice question which could focus on the event highlights and lastly a free text question allowing your visitors to tell you, in their own words, what they think – great content for your website or your show catalogue.


  • Session ratings “Please rate the session content?”

Experian were interested in knowing which sessions delivered most value at their annual sales summits, so placed feedback kiosks by the doors so that delegates could leave their views as they filed out. Asking two questions on a single screen kept the process simple. The delegates were simply asked to rate the session in terms of content and delivery. From these scores the events team could decide which speakers and session writers to secure for future events.


A note about audience profiles

Don’t overlook your different audiences! Feedback can also be gained from different user groups at the show. Visitors are covered above, but you could also consider asking for feedback from exhibitors, stand contractors and general contractors at the venue. You will probably find that feedback from these groups yields great operational insight – feedback you just wouldn’t get from marketing teams giving feedback from their desks! Feedback kiosks are flexible enough to cover all the audiences – ask us how.



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