Who are you listening to?

Do you struggle to get service feedback from your customers?

We know  this can be frustrating. Afterall, you know your customers have an opinion. You know you are ready to listen. How can you make sure they give you the feedback you need?

The truth is, generally people do want to give feedback and have their voice heard, be it a positive experience or a negative one. The issue is that too often it’s too much of an effort or they simply don’t believe that the brand they are dealing with will really listen.

If you truly know your customers, you will know what motivates them to connect with you, how they best interact and engage with you and crucially their main touchpoints for interactions with you.

Get to know your audience

Your audience should the centre of any communication process; that’s the same whether you are sending out targeted marketing messages, or looking to receive feedback. By understanding your customers’ behaviour, interests and attitudes you can start to create an environment in which they are most willing to offer you the feedback that will truly benefit your organisation.

Feedback needs to be relevant to both the respondent and to you. When feedback fails, it is often because one side of that relationship feels let down. Find a solution that works and you will see your responses soar in quantity and value.

Audience profile

A well designed survey is critical for a feedback programme that is relevant to your audience, you should consider


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Why you should get to know your audience

There are three significant benefits of using audience profiling in your feedback programme:

  1. Effective Communication –avoid wasted time and effort on activities that do not produce results.
  2. Greater Engagement– More responses will give a greater significance to your customer feedback.
  3. Increased value – dependable  responses  will increase the value you get from the data. 

The point to remember is, requesting feedback has to be appropriate, timely and most importantly easy for your audience. If  you put the effort in to getting to know them you are much more likely to tick those boxes.

"How can we increase both survey response rates and reach more people groups?"

This can be achieved by using the right way to engage with your target audience. This EBook explores the main options available and highlights when and where to use them.

EBook: Measure Satisfaction and Increase Feedback Reach


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