Get the answers to your questions thanks to feedback

If you could find the answer to one question what would that question be?

Apart from the big questions such as ‘why are we here?’ or ‘what are tonight’s lottery numbers!?’ I wonder what you would like to know for your business? If you could get insights in to the niggling questions that might hold the keys to business growth, better outcomes, more loyal customers - WHAT QUESTION WOULD YOU ASK? 

Feedback provides the answers to the many questions we have and when done well will provide the data and insight we need to make the right changes.

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Is your survey design holding back your customers' feedback?

3 minute read

It’s a known issue and the bugbear of many a CX or Insight professional. Businesses value feedback; it helps attract and retain both customers and employees alike. But as customers, or feedback givers, we become less interested. Typical sentiments along the lines of, “I’ve got what I need,” “sorry, no time!” or “I don’t believe my opinion will make a difference” all yield the same result – we don’t bother giving feedback. In short, businesses care about feedback, customers don’t. 

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Six tips for making the customer survey process easy

5 minute read

They're everywhere. Emails after a purchase or service has been received. Online forms after online chat or placing an order. A 'friends and family' question on a touch screen tablet during discharge from hospital. Surveys. They're everywhere. And there's a reason for that. The information - used correctly - can enable organisations and brands to refine their offering and provide an ever-improving experience which translates to more sales, less complaints and better outcomes. Every way it makes sense to understand your customer's experience and constantly tune your offering.

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Why a smiley face question is a great start to a survey

4 minute read

Smiley face questions create an instant opportunity for customers or employees to tell you what they think. We now see them everywhere for quick ratings on internet purchases or as we head off on holiday through the airport security on feedback kiosks.

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Who are you listening to?

Do you struggle to get service feedback from your customers?

We know  this can be frustrating. Afterall, you know your customers have an opinion. You know you are ready to listen. How can you make sure they give you the feedback you need?

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The brilliance of only 1, 2 or 3 questions in your feedback surveys

We have been pioneering the use of in the moment short and snappy feedback for 16 years. Right from the off we found that some organisations got it and were quick to adopt the techniques, whilst others held back and were more reluctant to let go of their very long surveys that tried to cover many aspects of the customer, visitor or patient journey.


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