Why bother investing in customer feedback solutions?

According to a report from American Express, three in five Americans (59%) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. This reflects an emerging global trend.

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Who are you listening to?

Do you struggle to get service feedback from your customers?

We know  this can be frustrating. Afterall, you know your customers have an opinion. You know you are ready to listen. How can you make sure they give you the feedback you need?

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Writing feedback objectives for your goals

 Giving yourself a moment's time to think through the objectives of your customer feedback strategy will reap rewards with the end result. The questions you ask, when you ask them and how should be determined by exactly what you want to find out. Feedback at its best delivers a true snapshot of opinion which provides new insight to those analysing it. Non-descript or random results are almost always down to a badly planned and executed feedback programme.

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