Why point of experience feedback delivers results

In our busy world, where our time is so under pressure, we guard ourselves against anything that might add more to the workload, and that includes giving feedback!

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4 reasons why smiley face feedback has really taken off

Yes they really are everywhere. I’m sure you’ll have seen a screen or device inviting you to give feedback after a purchase, during a journey or as leaving a hospital appointment.

From simple happy or not rating feedback in airports through to interactive customer feedback kiosks with multiple questions in train stations - the age of in the moment feedback has arrived.

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8 things you should know about feedback kiosks

1. They’re free standing

Is that really a big deal? Well it means you have flexibility to place them where they will best serve your requirements. It means they're quick and easy to implement which saves time and money.

(Wall and counter top versions are available too!)

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10 reasons to use In-The-Moment customer feedback

We’re all so busy, rushing here and there, making decisions on the hoof and avoiding anything that might add to the stress. 

OK so maybe that's a harsh view on life, but it’s certainly true that we’re doing the jobs of 3 people, managing multiple social platforms, avoiding things that seem like a waste of time and always conscious that there’s ‘so much to do today’.

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