Create an Employee Feedback Culture

Forbes recently reported that when trust and psychological safety do not exist in an organisation, it is generally because people do not feel listened to

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What is the right approach for discovering whether your employees love their job?

A happy employee is a productive employee. But how do you find out how happy your employees are? It is a question we get asked by our customers all the time – what is the right way to collect good quality feedback? Be it from customers, employees, visitors, patients etc etc etc. with so many options for obtaining feedback, selecting the ‘right’ approach can feel like a minefield.

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The pulse of employee engagement: can you afford not to take it?

Your employees are the life blood of your organisation. Whether they are customer facing, office based or at the heart of your production line, each employee can hold the key to your business growth. Capturing the insights employees hold can drive exponential growth and performance through better engagement, process improvements and higher staff retention.

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When Smiley Face Surveys and Feedback really works

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It's a busy world and time is precious. We guard ourselves against anything that might add more to the workload and that includes giving feedback.

That's one reason why using smiley faces in feedback is effective - it's just so quick and easy for anyone to respond.

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Customer Experience Insight : Reporting to the Board

Organisations now have to be passionate about their customers if they are to remain credible. Any serious Board of directors will have Customer Experience (CX) on the agenda. So the question is: ‘What do you include in your Customer Experience Board report?’

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In-the-moment Employee Feedback Explosion

Various studies have now shown that happier employees are more productive employees. One recent study by the University of Warwick showed that increasing happiness levels can achieve up to 12% more productivity. 

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