Showing Appreciation to those those around us

The coronavirus has triggered an unprecedented time in our lives. As we all feel our way though the period it is inspiring to see the out-pouring of appreciation to those members of our society that are doing everything they can do to try and keep us safe.

Saying Thanks

Post-it notes found on walls of hospitals, school children sending cards of thanks to our health care professionals and businesses sharing their spare capacity to make other people’s lives easier. All of these are fantastic examples of the golden moments that make all the difference and will, without doubt, help us get through this testing time. Allow us to shout out to Millfield Theatre @The_Millfield for lending hospital workers their car park to make commutes to work easier! 

“Appreciating someone makes them feel good about what they do, and that it makes a difference to their lives. It makes them feel better about themselves, urging them to go on with new vigor”


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Showing appreciation through feedback

Witnessing this show of appreciation got us thinking about the connection to feedback. In a lot of ways feedback is also a form of appreciation. When it’s positive it provides that recognition of a job well done; but even negative feedback shows appreciation in a way. It enables a company to make the improvements they need – your customer or employee offers your the opportunity to get it right next time. The only bad feedback is no feedback as that is often an indicator that your employee or (former) customer has stopped believing their opinion matters to you.

Let us help

We’d like to add our thanks to all the key workers out there keeping our country moving, keeping people safe and looking after the sick. To those dedicated to working through this we appreciate you. Thank you.


Let us know if we can support you at all.



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