Obtaining good quality feedback to measure customer satisfaction.

How well you listen and understand has a direct impact on the quality of the feedback you receive. The process of obtaining feedback should be one of continuous improvement, rarely will you get it right first time and rarely will it remain the same over time.

The key to obtaining good quality feedback is connecting to the right people at the right time. Take time to consider how to reach your audience, be they customers, patients, students or employees. Get it right and their satisfaction levels will increase. If your feedback isn't giving you what you need it's time to look again at how well you know your audience.


Know your audience

Obtaining good quality feedback from your audience requires you to interact with them at a time and place suitable to them. The exact time and place will depend greatly on the context of feedback they are giving. Quick, throw away experiences will elicit fast feedback; in depth feedback is more likely from a more involving experience. Think about how long your questions will take and how much commitment is needed to complete them. If it takes more effort to answer your questions than it does to actually be your customer, why would they bother?


Here are 3 things to consider-


  • Use the right method. Think about “Where are they at?” Consider where your audience are most willing to give you feedback. What works for the demographic you are trying to reach?  Download our E book for more insight on this area.
  • Ask them at the ‘right time’.  Asking as close to the experience as possible. Ask yourself when are people thinking about their experience? The most immersive feedback comes in the moment – that is when the customer or employee is in the midst of the experience.
  • Use the right kind of survey – Are you asking the questions in a style that engages with the audience? Consider question style, design including the use of images and colour. How long is the survey? Think about how significant the feedback offered is to the respondent. The context can vastly change how long people need to consider their answers, and therefore how long they will spend completing your questions,


There are multiple channel options for feedback. Download our free Ebook: Methods for
Measuring Satisfaction & Increasing your Feedback Reach, which discusses some of the feedback capture channels available in more detail, including why you might choose them and shares specialist tips about how and when to use each channel.


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