In-the-moment Employee Feedback Explosion

Various studies have now shown that happier employees are more productive employees. One recent study by the University of Warwick showed that increasing happiness levels can achieve up to 12% more productivity. 

So there’s little debate anymore that high levels of maintained staff satisfaction is a vitally important goal for all organisations and there’s no wonder we’re seeing a massive increase in the use of in-the-moment technology to measure employee satisfaction.

Why? Well it’s mainly due to the fact that HR professionals want to be able to measure ‘happiness’ and recognise trends quickly, rather than at an exit interview when it’s all too late. If trends can be identified during the working week, then action can be taken to ensure the reasons for the drop in employee satisfaction is identified and corrected.

Traditional annual staff surveys simply cannot achieve this. They have value but it’s not in real time, week-by-week. It’s a useful annual measure which can inform general strategy, but it cannot inform an organisation that somethings happening to influence its staff this week.

Employee Satisfaction - How was your work today?

Vincit Ltd, winners of the 2016 Great Place to Work competition in Europe, used HappyOrNot feedback terminals with the question: “Did you enjoy your workday today?” A particular occasion stuck out for Johanna Pystynen, Vincit’s HR Director, when management noticed decreasing employee satisfaction results in the middle of an important customer project. By immediately involving staff, they uncovered that one team was experiencing time-management challenges. They needed more support in some specific project work. To address the matter, improvements in both training and cross-departmental communication were implemented during the client project. Within two months, employee satisfaction increased by 10 percent.

This example show how leading employers are starting to utilise these new in-the-moment feedback tools to respond to the identified trends.

Whether it’s a HappyOrNot terminal or a Survey Kiosk asking a small number of follow on questions, employers are tapping into priceless information that’s so easily gained with touch screens, tablets and terminals.

The Massive Value of Employee Engagement

Further benefits for real time staff surveys are derived when asking questions like “How motivated do you feel in your work today?” and “How well do you feel your manager listens to you?” or “How valued do you feel in your work?”

What exactly do we mean by employee engagement? The corporate leadership council define employee engagement as:

  • a positive emotional connection to an employee’s work
  • affective, normative, and continuance commitment
  • inspiring employees to go above and beyond the call of duty to help meet business goals

Furthermore the result of good engagement is:

  • Increased total shareholder return (by up to 47 percent)
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Better customer feedback (I love that!)
  • Less shrinkage of stock
  • Higher sales

So the employers aim to ‘improve employee satisfaction and engagement’ has become a key corporate objective. No wonder so many organisations are turning to in-the-moment real time feedback for their employees.

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Thanks to the University of Warwick and HappyOrNot for contributions to this article.



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