How to get feedback that works and keeps on working

We are often asked, “Will customers keep on giving feedback or will it fizzle out over time?” It's a good question, but we say it doesn't have to fizzle out if you ensure two key elements are in place.

As with any customer transaction, to make feedback work and keep on working  you need a good plan. Two vital ways to ensure a feedback programe really works is; firstly to ensure it is convenient and secondly to ensure the respondent feels rewarded. 

Feedback Convenience

In our busy, motion-blurred lives, remembering with any real clarity what a store was really like, how friendly the staff were, or how clean the hospital was is really difficult.  Yet right in the moment, when we're deciding whether to purchase something or not, when we're browsing the store, or after a consultation - that's when our mind is fresh with the experience and also when we don't mind sharing our thoughts at our convenience.  I would much rather give my opinion willingly than have it prised from me. That way I'm happy to keep on giving feedback. 

Using prominent feedback methods, such as the ViewPoint Pulse, enables customers to tell you about their experience - what they are actually thinking and feeling at the time. This customer convienience is what results in the high response rates together with feedback data accuracy. In some settings, we achieve over 25% of footfall in feedback response rates. 

You said, We did – aka Reward

We have also discovered that response rates stay high when customers get feed-back on the improvements and actions taken as a result of their feedback. This is their 'reward' - that vital sense that they have been listened to. Often, promotions and gimmicks can produce short term uplifts, but we find what your customers really value, and what makes them continue giving you their point of view, is knowing you are listening. So simple, yet profoundly effective. 

One of our customers, an automotive dealer in Scotland, used pull up banners to notify their customers of the actions taken following their feedback. This resulted in a 50% uplift in responses as customers felt listened to. Another customer in health uses TV information screens to provide up to date 'you said, we did' feed back.

                “I would much rather give my feedback willingly than have it prised from me” 

So in conclusion, two key ways to ensure your feedback works and continues to work are:

1) Use a convienient method for your customer, such as the ViewPoint Pulse, positioned where there is good footfall at the right point in time, and;

2) Ensure you reward your respondents by providing true engagement and sharing with them actions taken as a result of the insight they shared.

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