Get the answers to your questions thanks to feedback

If you could find the answer to one question what would that question be?

Apart from the big questions such as ‘why are we here?’ or ‘what are tonight’s lottery numbers!?’ I wonder what you would like to know for your business? If you could get insights in to the niggling questions that might hold the keys to business growth, better outcomes, more loyal customers - WHAT QUESTION WOULD YOU ASK? 

Feedback provides the answers to the many questions we have and when done well will provide the data and insight we need to make the right changes.


Why didn’t customers buy?

Till data can tell you a lot about what has been purchased but what about the people that walked out empty handed? Their feedback is worth gold if you can implement changes that make them buy next time. Utilise in the moment feedback to gain insight from buyers and non-buyers. From stock availability, brand, price or time constraints you can understand the reasons behind their behaviour.

Which stores offer the best customer experience?

Being able to understand how stores or operations are performing, how and why they achieve their performance and share this across locations can help brand managers ensure the consistency of their brand experience.

What are the best and worst times to be our customer?

Time stamped feedback data can help to understand the rise and fall of satisfaction amongst respondents. Feedback will need to be gained in the moment and round the clock. Use this data, combined with a couple of quick probing questions to understand how satisfaction fluctuates and to help you understand why.

What is upsetting our team?

In the moment employee feedback is powerful. Has staff morale dipped? What effect could this have on your efficiencies and overall performance? Being able to monitor staff engagement to spot peaks and troughs has enabled our customers to stop problems before they grew. Feedback technology now enables our customers to both run historic diagnostics and predictive analytics.

What matters most to our customers?

Knowing customers are dissatisfied is one thing – but understanding ‘why’ helps you to create experiences that shine. By knowing what matters most you can focus experience improvements on the areas that mean the most – and then monitor how changes are affecting the outcomes. Direct or indirect questions about ‘what matters most’ can secure this insight.

How often do we need to clean our rest rooms?

Instant feedback on exit from rest rooms empowers management teams to decide exactly how frequent the cleaning teams need to be visiting. This will enable efficiency savings and improved standards. Real time alerts to problems ensure teams can be deployed to exactly where they are needed.

Are our changes and improvements having the right impact?

Knowing you need to change is one thing, but how do you know if the changes are effective? With many possible solutions to some problems it’s important you are implementing the right one. The process we use of Capture-Analyse-Improve is a continuous monitoring and improvement cycle. Make a change and monitor the impact.

Asking the right questions is the key to finding out not just how things are but why they are that way.

In our work with many organisations wanting to keep close to their customers and employees, we see a whole range of feedback approaches. Different technologies provide different options for gleaning the feedback and where organisations are now aiming to provide one consistent experience across all channels, these different approaches can all be valid.

If you would like help getting more insight, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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