Feedback technology in the NHS

Patient feedback technology is proving to be a great friend of the NHS, as hospitals across the UK improve their patient experience.

ViewPoint have partnered with NHS trusts to co-design, innovate and enhance the patient experience through a range of feedback technology solutions.


 Interactive surveys including the Humprey bear storybook survey used on Childrens' wards, easy read and audio surveys, are Widening participation by making them more accessible.

 Selecting the best capture for the user helps to Increased response rates for both FFT and wider patient experience feedback projects.

 ‘Ward to board’ reporting tools  Improve communication with all stakeholders.

 Tools everybody love to use, options include solutions that enable staff to have a light touch, giving the patients the time and space to say what is on their mind.


Sharing feedback success

We like to share the learnings! By co designing or creating solutions for improving patient experience we’re helping to increase the quantity and quality of responses throughout the NHS. Focusing on what really matters and learning from patients and staff enables us to develop solutions that really work. CRT then facilitate the roll out into other trusts so that they too benefit. As an example of this, we’re now able to roll out the first-of-its-kind interactive children’s survey, developed in partnership with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, onto other children’s wards.

Understand the user

Recognising the needs of different users means that trusts need to employ a variety of capture methods in order to gain responses. Having a range of multi-channel solutions to choose from ViewPoint helps to create the perfect mix of feedback options for the needs of patients using different services. For one trust in the North West ViewPoint acts as a central store so that feedback captured by tablet, kiosk and paper are all accessed in the same place. This provides the trust with a single reporting style whilst enabling the flexibility to capture responses as dictated by service requirements.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Infographics help to engage patients & staff with data. Developing new ways to display patient feedback is an important step in order to ensure the data is read and understood by all. Infographics have been employed in many trusts to help staff and patients instantly identify the key messages and actions required. The colourful graphics help readers to focus on the key indicators quickly. Full reports alongside give detail to those who want or need it.

“Why are you using paper?”

This was a genuine concern from a patient at one hospital trust before they switched to tablets to administer their surveys. The modern feel of the tablets meets the expectations of their patients who expect their healthcare providers to keep up with current technology throughout their service. CRT’s experience shows that more and more user groups are comfortable with technology as a means of communication – often finding it to be more secure and giving a greater level of confidence that their confidential views will be taken in to account.

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