Don’t compromise on feedback

You wouldn’t compromise on the service you offer your customers, so why compromise on solutions designed to get their feedback? You shouldn’t. And with a fully flexible customer feedback solution you don’t have to.

A survey solution used to collect feedback should align to the business asking for it. It helps to promote trust and authenticity and reduces friction, allowing the respondent to focus on their message to you. Therefore, we suggest organisations stop compromising and find a customer feedback solution that works with them.


What are the typical compromises organisations make with their customer feedback solutions?


1) TimeDon't compromise on speed of feedback insight


Time is critical. If you must make changes to improve service, solve problems or attend to issues you need to know there and then - months down the line  is simply too late! Reduce the time lag by having a system that gives you that insight right when you need it.

Don’t compromise on speed.

Real-time feedback enables you to access your data quickly – it is at your fingertips within minutes. ViewPoint’s live alerts even notify you of issues in the moment so that you can resolve them before any other customers are affected.

2) Questions

Asking the right questions, in the right order, to give the right level of detail you require for your project. Sometimes a single question is enough. In another situation 2 or 3 might be needed. Sometimes you want 4 smiley faces options, other times 5 or the option to have ‘N/A’ - or even no faces at all. 

Discover how to build  your survey your way

Don’t compromise on your survey structure.

ViewPoint do not have set survey templates for you to follow – every survey is built to your requirements. Choose the style and number of questions, button graphics and the order they come in. It is entirely up to you!


3) Analysis


Data on its own is useless. You do not get its true value until you start to delve into the detail and uncover the trends feedback data highlights.

Don’t compromise on insight.

ViewPoint’s powerful software displays your data in the way you want it; it is easy to read, digest and share with stakeholders.


4) Support

You need to get value quickly. To get value out of a survey you need to create a good survey. The style of questions, wording, answer sets are all important. There is an art to it! Feedback specialists will help you adapt your survey for screen to get going quickly and effectively.


Don’t compromise on support.

Our team of experts, who have been in the industry for over 16 years, build every survey so that you can benefit from their experience. They will listen to what you need and make suggestions to help you to meet your objectives. Once deployed the team will continue to support you, making changes to your surveys as your project evolves.

ViewPoint team help you get more from feedbackWe'll make it quick and easy to start getting feedback right away.


5) Style

We know you spend time and effort creating your brand and maintaining the look and feel of your environment is important to you. Your customers like it and trust it, so it makes sense to us that you maintain this branding throughout your survey.


Don’t compromise on style.

ViewPoint kiosks are fully brandable – from the kiosk itself to the survey screen, you can brand it all. You can customise the colour scheme, choose your own images on the buttons if you want – or, of course, use our set of charming smiley faces :)

Smiley faces for feedback surveys


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