Customer satisfaction: Monitor the pulse of your business

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Who wouldn’t benefit from a constant flow of insight from customers or employees into their business? Quick snippets of customer satisfaction feedback that enable you to track when things are going well - happiness is high-  or alert you when things start to dip – you need to act quickly!

Quick, real-time feedback from short surveys can provide just this, as well as deliver valuable information that can replace or enhance annual surveys.

Measuring customer satisfaction

The benefits of tracking the pulse of satisfaction through real time feedback, include

  • Report on a true picture by levelling out external / environmental factors
  • Alert to peaks or dips in service – and rectify before things get worse
  • Monitor the impact of external factors with time stamped data
  • Provide rich data for deep dive analysis and actionable insight
  • Build loyalty through regular feedback opportunities for customers
  • Support continuous improvement programmes

Feedback from customers, (also think patients, visitors, employees or students), is a major source of intelligence for your organisation. After all, the best way to meet your customers’ needs is to fully understand what they are – direct from your customers. So regularly asking and monitoring, together with a process for acting on the information, will deliver real insight gold to your business.

However, proceed with caution!

Whilst regular feedback holds proven value for a business, care must be taken when collecting it. Poorly considered and designed campaigns can lead to frustrated, despondent or even agitated respondents.


The best results come from surveys that interact naturally with your audience, are open to all and empower your audience to respond as they wish.

Surveys that interact naturally within the service experience let everyone know the opportunity for feedback is there and encourages them to do it, but doesn’t interrupt or overwhelm them with requests or demands.


Continuous customer satisfaction feedback can be a powerful and effective tool.

Download quick guide for continuous in the moment feedback


5 tips for getting continuous in the moment feedback right offers helpful tips for making your customer satisfaction feedback solution as effective as possible.

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