Continuous Customer Feedback and Follow up is Essential

Gartner have identified the top 10 habits of customer-centric organisations and you can listen here:

The first 2 habits are all about listening to customers and giving them feedback to show that we really are listening. This idea of continuous customer feedback and continuous feedback to customers is not new, but it is vitally important. We all want to know we’re being listened to and as Gartner go on to say, we want to know why the feedback is being asked for and how it’s going to be used.

Follow up on feedback is essential


This is simply good, polite and proper behaviour. Consumers are now savvy, intelligent and have high expectations. If you’re asking me for feedback, you better be using it…so show me how.

There are many ways to glean feedback, and the right way is really down to the touchpoint. For example, if you want instant, raw, in-the-moment feedback from buyers and non-buyers, how about using a bright on brand touchscreen device, at the point of service?

If you’re after online experience feedback through checkout, how about asking the customer to rate their experience immediately after they press ‘buy’.

And if you’re after feedback from your customers after, say a busy health centre visit, maybe a text message the following day will glean the best response, once their treatment and overall experience has ‘settled’ and is ‘on reflection’.


Remember to feed-back on your feedback

But remembering that Gartner’s 10 habits of customer-centric organisations stressed the importance of ‘active listening’, we should also think about how, with each of these examples, we can feed-back to the customer, so they know we’re listening.

On the touchscreen survey device, we can add an info screen to communicate “you said, we did”. Text and images can demonstrate how the feedback is being used. A system such as ViewPoint includes a facility to place info screens within a short survey.

Within the online environment that same applies. Ask the rating question and then offer a screen which shares something of the value of the feedback received. Engaged customers could then have the option to answer a few more interesting questions if required.

And a text message survey to a smart phone could open a responsive survey, giving all the same functions including the info screens, which would be very effective when designed for simplicity of response.

Continuous feedback and follow up really is essential

Customer feedback has come a long way in recent years, but it has not been replaced. We still need to be listening, all the time and we still need to be responding, all the time.


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