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Create an Employee Feedback Culture

Forbes recently reported that when trust and psychological safety do not exist in an organisation, it is generally because people do not feel listened to

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Continuous Customer Feedback and Follow up is Essential

Gartner have identified the top 10 habits of customer-centric organisations and you can listen here:

The first 2 habits are all about listening to customers and giving them feedback to show that we really are listening. This idea of continuous customer feedback and continuous feedback to customers is not new, but it is vitally important. We all want to know we’re being listened to and as Gartner go on to say, we want to know why the feedback is being asked for and how it’s going to be used.

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Why point of experience feedback delivers results

In our busy world, where our time is so under pressure, we guard ourselves against anything that might add more to the workload, and that includes giving feedback!

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4 reasons why smiley face feedback has really taken off

Yes they really are everywhere. I’m sure you’ll have seen a screen or device inviting you to give feedback after a purchase, during a journey or as leaving a hospital appointment.

From simple happy or not rating feedback in airports through to interactive customer feedback kiosks with multiple questions in train stations - the age of in the moment feedback has arrived.

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Origins of the smiley face and its use in feedback

Have you ever wondered where the first smiley icon was used and why? In a news article I found in the Guardian the contested origins are linked to a 1963 American children's TV programme called ‘The Funny Company’. It featured a crude smiley face as a kids-club baseball cap logo, with the message ‘Keep Smiling’.

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Customer expectations are through the roof

... so you better take soundings. 

The digital revolution has impacted our culture and we find ourselves struggling to keep up with the pace of change.

One impact is to be less loyal and forgiving when things don’t quite work out how we expect. Think about the last time a website froze on you for a few seconds. We’re fast to abandon and click elsewhere for our expectations to be met.

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Why you should get started in measuring customer feedback

 2 minute read

We all need feedback. From healthy infant development, through school and college and into our work-life, getting constructive feedback is essential. So why isn’t the same said for customer feedback?

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Lifting the lid on Sentiment Analysis - what you need to know.

4 minute read  

We are seeing the rise of many highly technical tools to make sense of free text comments. Some sentiment engines position themselves in terms that are hard to get your head around – it all sounds like rocket science! So in his blog I would like to share what sentiment analysis is and how to use it in simple terms. 

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When Smiley Face Surveys and Feedback really works

4 minute read

It's a busy world and time is precious. We guard ourselves against anything that might add more to the workload and that includes giving feedback.

That's one reason why using smiley faces in feedback is effective - it's just so quick and easy for anyone to respond.

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Six tips for making the customer survey process easy

5 minute read

They're everywhere. Emails after a purchase or service has been received. Online forms after online chat or placing an order. A 'friends and family' question on a touch screen tablet during discharge from hospital. Surveys. They're everywhere. And there's a reason for that. The information - used correctly - can enable organisations and brands to refine their offering and provide an ever-improving experience which translates to more sales, less complaints and better outcomes. Every way it makes sense to understand your customer's experience and constantly tune your offering.

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