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Over a long and varied career at John Lewis and Waitrose, Richard Quarterman was a senior manager in both IT and Retail roles, responsible for delivering the Waitrose Customer Service strategy and managing the customer experience measurement programme. He now works as a freelance consultant and part-time lecturer on Retail Management and Customer Service. Find out more at, or contact Richard on

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Emotional service: It Ain’t What You Do…

ViewPoint welcomes guest blogger Richard Quarterman back with the next installment in the Customer Service blog series :

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Function vs Emotion in Customer Service Strategy

Through my years working on customer service strategy, I came across several  attempts to create a model for customer service delivery, from reputable organisations as varied as the Said Business School in Oxford, the Institute of Customer Service,  and of course the work we did ourselves in Waitrose.  One feature I started to notice was a juxtaposition of words like ‘tangible’ and ‘intangible’, ‘external’ and ‘internal’, ‘process’ and ‘culture’, and I started to gather these thoughts together into a juxtaposition of my own – ‘functional’ vs ‘emotional ‘. Almost all of these models could have a line drawn down the middle, and have these two labels applied to either side.

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