10 reasons to use In-The-Moment customer feedback

We’re all so busy, rushing here and there, making decisions on the hoof and avoiding anything that might add to the stress. 

OK so maybe that's a harsh view on life, but it’s certainly true that we’re doing the jobs of 3 people, managing multiple social platforms, avoiding things that seem like a waste of time and always conscious that there’s ‘so much to do today’.

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Feedback technology in the NHS

Patient feedback technology is proving to be a great friend of the NHS, as hospitals across the UK improve their patient experience.

ViewPoint have partnered with NHS trusts to co-design, innovate and enhance the patient experience through a range of feedback technology solutions.

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Why Does Customer Feedback Matter – 6 reasons

Just to remind us fundamentally what feedback is, think about yourself stood in front of a mirror. You’re seeing yourself from the perspective of another person, and to quote an old saying you’re seeing yourself, ‘warts and all’. Your hair, makeup, clothes, shoes…all reflected back at you in order for you to make adjustments, changes and improvements.

It matters to us how we look – and it should equally matter to us all how our customers or users of our services view us!

Here are 6 reasons why feedback matters:

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