7 suggestions for places you could use touchscreen feedback.

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The use of touch screens for feedback, often called kiosks, totems or terminals, is on the increase. Only 10 years ago people would gingerly touch the screen and wonder if it would actually work! Now we are seeing the ‘self-service kiosk’ being used constantly in many retail, health and commercial settings.


Here are 7 places that touchscreen feedback works well:

  1. After a transaction – withone, two or three quick questions, straight after making payment or being discharged. For example, Waitrose and Shoe Zone have found that a rating question followed by the ‘why question’, to understand what’s behind the rating response, has worked well. They also discovered that customers who ‘loved the brand’ and initially hit the big smiley face on the first feedback screen, went on to give some really helpful advice when asked ‘Is there anything else you would like to tell us?’  Many customers have things in mind which are only flushed out when asked an open question, just at the right moment.
  2. During a transaction - short and invited, such as when paying a bill or at click and collect reception. Tablets at the table – a great way to gain feedback from a snappy short survey whilst the waiter goes to prepare the bill. And on arrival at the ‘click and collect’ there’s a moment when the order process can be assessed by the collecting customer – the clever retailer can finish the short survey with offers  or marketing, whilst the shopper is still in the store.
  3. In a reception area – this is a place with ‘dwell time’ where there are moments ideal for gaining before and after feedback. Patients and visitors to a hospital, visitors to a company or customers at a service centre. An on brand and interactive touch screen survey can add to the whole experience with relevant content and interesting subject matter via clever routing of questions following the responses given.
  4. In high footfall areas - such as airports, train stations, bus stations, food halls, shopping centres / malls. Travellers and shoppers might ignore the clipboard researcher but touching a screen is within their control – which means they feel empowered and can walk away if needed. This makes the survey kiosk a valuable data capture and feedback tool in high footfall and fast-moving areas.
  5. Employee 'pulse' feedback - during or at the end of the working day, kiosks can effectively capture and monitor employee satisfaction across a range of subjects. Over time this 'pulse tracking' provides a picture which informs management training and coaching programmes. Real time alerts can also predict sudden changes in colleague mood or flag other potential issues. 
  6. Conferences and Events feedback. In the moment feedback at conferences, congresses and events provides accurate and timed data. This is data that relates to that specific moment and setting which could be a speaker or exhibition stand or presentations. Many conferences now use feedback terminals to gain a rating and the reason why. 
  7. Within an existing touch screen environment - such as self-service ordering and payments systems. Where there’s already a touch screen terminal or kiosk in use, an integrated rating question, as part of the check-out or other process can be fast, effective and linked to the customer (if required).


Although not exhaustive, these 7 places for touch screen feedback provide ideal environments for gaining time-stamped, quantitative and in some cases, qualitative data. The touch-based survey should be short and only ask what’s immediately useful, as in most instances you have only seconds to gain the responses. As part of a planned feedback programme, in the moment touch screen feedback can provide ongoing customer satisfaction tracking and help to improve customer experience when acted on.

A comment from Simon Rowland, CEO at CRT ViewPoint; “Customers, patients or employees often have something in mind, which when shared can be of real value to an organisation. Standard surveys try and cover off all areas and become long winded and often boring. We’ve found ways to solicit the very heart of a respondent within just three feedback screens”.



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