4 reasons why smiley face feedback has really taken off

Yes they really are everywhere. I’m sure you’ll have seen a screen or device inviting you to give feedback after a purchase, during a journey or as leaving a hospital appointment.

From simple happy or not rating feedback in airports through to interactive customer feedback kiosks with multiple questions in train stations - the age of in the moment feedback has arrived.

No longer do you need to type a web link into your web browser and complete 28 questions just to say how you felt at a recent store visit. More and more brands are looking to point-of-experience feedback technology to gain the voice of the customer and ratings.

Here are 4 reasons why smiley face feedback has really taken off:


1. The feedback is more accurate.

Gartner, other sources and our own findings are that feedback, straight after the experience, is more accurate than feedback several days later. Depending on the source it’s up to 40% more accurate.  > Tweet this <

Get it whilst it’s fresh. Humans are multi sensing creatures. Most of us feel, smell, hear, see and taste our environment. Our senses are powerful indicators that constantly inform us of our surroundings. Gaining feedback in the moment ensures we’re best placed to share the facts.


2. The feedback is easy to provide.

In most of the world we’re on a journey towards the shortest route, the quickest solution and the easiest approach to everything we do. (Unless you’re a high energy sports junkie looking for the hardest way up the mountain in front of you, that is!)

We want the ‘customer journey’ to be as easy as possible, whether in healthcare, when shopping or in education. We expect everything to be on hand and easy to access - and it’s no different when it comes to customer feedback.

The very nature of a smiley face kiosk or device is that it presents a quick and simple means for rating the experience you’ve just had. You don’t need to stop and think - you simply hit the smiley face that suits your feelings. And if it’s smart, a second screen will ask why you’ve given that rating. It’s all over for the customer in a matter of seconds.


3. The feedback is in real-time

This real-time nature of feedback is essential for 21st century organisations. It can be reported right now, to have an impact right now.

If your customer is providing feedback that’s first class - big green smiley face pressed - together with a comment praising the staff who helped you, that feedback can result in praise and reward, which is essential where a customer service excellence culture is being developed.

The opposite is also true. Where customers provide negative feedback, smart real-time alerts can provide the necessary response - in just seconds - ahead of a matter escalating to full blown complaints.


4. The feedback is low cost / high value.

Having your employees managing a survey or feedback process is an unwelcome distraction for them. Instead of concentrating on providing a great service they’re targeted on feedback! Let’s not do that!

Using free standing smiley feedback technology ensures your front line service ‘kings and queens’ are free to serve. The feedback terminal will continue to capture ratings and reasons whilst your staff get on with what they do best.

This is a low cost approach overall and will provide the best value to your customers, visitors and employees.

Thanks for reading! You can read more about smiley feedback terminals here.

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