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5 things that make feedback really work

Five things to make customer feedback work for you

If our ears are open and our attitude is right, feedback is helping us every day of the year - and not just after the latest survey results are in! Feedback provides us with the opportunity to learn, to grow, to improve. It's a fundamental in business and life; and those who cannot or will not embrace it, miss out on developing themselves, others and their businesses.

Much has been written about customer 'touchpoints and journeys' so in this blog I wanted to return to some fundamentals and re-establish some keys to managing great surveys in customer or employee feedback.

Here are 5 best-practice tips:


Use Self-Completion Surveys

Sometimes employees can be more distracted by the process of data collection than on providing the customer service that's key to their role.

If employees are personally responsible for collecting feedback, this also risks a distortion or bias of the results by only inviting positive customer feedback. The temptation and challenge of asking an upset or less than happy customer to give their feedback is understandably high. Computer aided self-interview techniques, such as free-standing kiosk surveys, HappyOrNot terminals, mounted tablets or smartphone surveys reduce this bias by allowing respondents to approach and complete feedback surveys when they are ready - in their own time.

Communicate With Staff - Engagement Is Key

The benefits and purpose of the customer survey or feedback project should be communicated clearly to employees. If staff are not briefed and fully engaged in the customer survey process, they could view it with cynicism, leading to a lack of motivation and support for it. However the opposite is also true - engaged staff will embrace the 'feedback challenge' and you will see the lift in customer engagement and service levels that you're looking for.

Frame The Survey

Your customers need to immediately understand and feel safe and in control, so make sure you introduce the survey clearly. You could have an opening screen, for example, 'Please tell us what you think of our fitness suite', or maybe a back board 'Please tell us what you think of our store today'.

Try to include images and alternating on-brand screens, with different messages, ideal for attracting attention and framing the customer survey. Additionally, consider POS materials and customer feedback terminals can themselves be branded and engaging.

Investigate and Understand The Results

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of organisations willing to accept results when, say, 70% of customers are satisfied. That means that 30% are not satisfied. This needs investigation. Why are 30% not happy? We can help with this type of analysis.

CRT’s clever technology is frequently used to identify different customer types, for example customers who shop at different times of the day. A shopper at 11am often has different perceptions and expectations than a shopper at 6pm. Understand the customer type and the insights can inform your customer service strategies.

Understand the customer type and the insights can inform your customer service strategies

We have also experienced a 'brand effect' where customers have responded saying they rate the brand as 'Excellent' but then gave feedback in the same survey on a negative experience, where a service improvement is required. Understanding the results will further inform your future survey designs, resulting in deeper insights. 

Give 'Feed-Back' to the Survey Respondents

One of the most powerful messages to your customers is 'we're listening and we care'. By relaying the results of your survey and your planned actions, you will drive up your customer's engagement and loyalty. It says to your customers 'We’ve heard your concerns, we’ve understood your opinions and this is what we're going to do'

This is essential for building customer loyalty, increasing response rates and improving overall customer satisfaction levels.

CRT's ViewPoint technology is capturing millions of responses through customer feedback channels. This is empowering organisations with insight and intelligence to drive improvements to their customer service levels, increasing engagement and loyalty - and thereby securing their futures.

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